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Advertorial: How We Created “The Best Alginates in the World”

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report February 2022
Volume 56
Issue 2

A look at how and why Cavex developed its Cavex Cream Alginate Impression Material.

A dentist looking at an impression captured with Cavex Cream Alginate material.

Thousands of dental professionals worldwide use Cavex alginates on a daily basis. Over 70 years of research and experience has resulted in a range of premium dental impression materials. But what makes our alginates stand out and why do they leave the competition far behind? It’s because for us at Cavex, impression materials are our core business. Therefore, we strive for absolute perfection in this area.

Where it all started

Cavex Logo

We developed our first alginate in the 1950s, Cavex CA37—an all-purpose alginate revolutionizing the world of impression materials. CA37 became the benchmark for dental alginates, and to this day it is still widely used by dental professionals around the world.

During the following decades, we developed several additional alginates with specific features. We introduced Cavex Impressional with a higher accuracy of 25 µm, Cavex ColorChange with a dimensional stability of 9 days, and Cavex Orthotrace with an extrafast setting time specifically for orthodontic clinics. To complete our alginate range, we wanted to create an alginate that took user- and patient friendliness to a new level. It had to be as accurate as vinyl polysiloxane impression (VPS) materials, but at a far lower price point.

Introducing Cavex Cream: The result of decades of experience

In 2015 our quest for the perfect alginate resulted in the introduction of Cavex Cream Alginate to our already impressive alginate range. Cavex Cream is our latest and most revolutionary alginate in which we combined all the characteristics of what a top-class alginate should have: unprecedented detail reproduction, the highest tear strength and elasticity and the ideal viscosity.

We named this alginate “Cream” for the creamy texture which makes it easy to mix and apply to the dental tray. Its unique and pleasant bubblegum flavor makes it very patient friendly. Add extremely rapid water absorption, snap-set, outstanding scannability, and 5-year shelf life to the mix, and there you have an alginate like never seen before. These features alone make Cavex Cream an unrivaled alginate, but its most revolutionary feature is the extremely high impression detail of 5 µm. This makes Cavex Cream just as precise as VPS materials, but at a fraction of the cost—truly “The Best Alginate in the World”

Four time Dental Advisor “Top Award Winner”

Cavex Cream Alginate

Since 1983, The Dental Advisor has been a trusted expert for dental professionals everywhere with concise, accurate, and objective information. They combine clinical experience with laboratory data and report on the long-term performance of materials.

Because the opinion of the dental professional is extremely important to us, we let The Dental Advisor test both our ColorChange and Cream alginates. After a clinical evaluation by a team of dentists, Cavex ColorChange received a clinical rating of 96% which corresponds to the maximum score of 5 stars. Cavex Cream Alginate scored even higher with a near perfect clinical rating of 97%, which also corresponds to the maximum score of 5 stars. Professionals praised the color and smell, the extremely high detail reproduction, and the high tensile strength. In addition to the high rating, Cavex Cream has been awarded the title of “Dental Advisor Top Winner Award” for 4 years in a row.

“We would switch to this product because it has great detail and is very user friendly. Easy mixing for a creamy consistency. I never had any bubbles or voids in my impressions.”

Dental Advisor Clinical Evaluations

About us

Since 1908, Cavex has been developing and manufacturing premium solutions for the dental industry. All our company’s production and operations are performed in-house in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Every new Cavex product is a result of intensive collaboration between the R&D, regulatory, production, marketing, sales, and logistics departments. This enables us to develop, produce and distribute high-quality dental products all over the world.

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