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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report February 2022, Volume 56, Issue 2

This resin optimized temporary cement from Clinician’s Choice offers optimal adhesion for temporary crowns and bridges in addition to ensuring ideal tissue health.

Information provided by Clinician’s Choice Dental Products.


Cling2 Resin Optimized Temporary Cement


Clinician’s Choice Dental Products




Every dental practice that provides indirect restorative treatment can use a temporary cement that delivers optimal adhesion and maintains tissue health.


Use under all your provisional restorations to minimize premature dislodgement of temporary crowns and bridges that result in inconvenient disruptions to your daily schedule.


Cling2 temporary cement, a zinc oxide, noneugenol formulation, is optimized with a small amount of carboxylate resin so temporaries cemented with it won’t come off until you need them to. When it’s time for removal, the temporary comes off easily, with minimal cleanup of the preparation. The automix paste-paste (vs traditional powder/liquid products) is formulated for optimal performance and there is no need for a gun. When set, excess material easily peels off the prep. Its low film thickness will not affect the fit of the temporary.

The How*

The cement’s unique properties also make it bacteriostatic, reducing gingival plaque retention and inflammation in the sulcus. With Cling2, ideal tissue health is always the result. Cling2 will not break down and provides ideal adhesion and sealing properties. When the patient returns, you will not encounter irritated tissue. Additionally, Cling2 actually soothes the tooth, helping to prevent sensitivity.