5Ws* Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Heads

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report March 2022
Volume 56
Issue 3

These replacement brush heads are made from sustainably harvested bamboo to reduce plastic waste.

WooBamboo electric toothbrush replacement head


Sustainable bamboo electric toothbrush heads


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Any practice and any patient looking to decrease their plastic footprint.


Anytime a new toothbrush head is needed.


Approximately 131 million Americans used electric toothbrushes in 2020, and while replacement brush heads reduce total electric toothbrush waste to approximately 30%—that number is still problematic. WooBamboo’s electric toothbrush head replacements are designed for use with Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes, with other brands planned to be added in the future. These brush heads use 86% less plastic than other leading brands and are Certified Plastic Negative, leaving consumers feeling good about their smiles and keeping the planet clean.

*The How

WooBamboo’s replacement heads are made from sustainably harvested bamboo and coated in vegan soy wax to ensure longevity. They also feature dental-grade tapered bristles that are soft but still strong enough to produce a powerful clean. Unlike traditional blunt-tipped bristles that struggle to clean between teeth, the tapered-tip bristles clean similarly to floss. WooBamboo uses 100% biodegradable materials in all of its packaging and the company is said to be the world’s first Certified Plastic Negative oral care brand.

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