5Ws* Ambience PPE Loupe Shield

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report October 2021, Volume 55, Issue 10

The first antireflective face shield that fits loupes.

What: The Loupe Shield, an antireflective face shield that fits loupes.

Who: Ambience PPE
604-399-4202 | AmbiencePPE.com

Where: In clinical operatories.

When: Used during splatter- or aerosol-generating procedures.

Why: Designed by Scott Yamaoka, DDS, MS, FRCD(c), a Canadian periodontist, and his son, Zach Yamaoka, a former Dyson engineer, The Loupe Shield provides complete splatter protection while meeting the specific clarity, comfort, and loupe accommodation needs of dental practitioners. For clarity, the Loupe Shield’s nano surface optical visor is 10 times less reflective than a standard polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic visor. For comfort, it features a fully supportive headpiece that doesn’t cause headaches. To fit any size loupe and light, the shield has up to 3 in of adjustable frontal clearance.

*The How: The Ambience PPE Loupe Shield is coated with antireflective technology, originally developed for eyeglasses. Through refractive index matching, it reduces reflection by a factor of 10 and increases the optical transparency of the visor from 87% to 97%. To avoid causing headaches, a pressure adjustment dial allows the wearer to select their desired tightness of fit. Additionally, the top strap of the headpiece supports the weight of the shield and alleviates pressure from the side of the head. To fit loupes, a slot feature allows the shield to slide back and forth for up to 3 in of clearance. The entire shield weighs just 173 g, which is less than the weight of a smartphone.