Dental Products Report-2012-12-01

Dental Products Report

Top 10 How-To pieces from 2012

February 07, 2013

DPR readers prioritize and value our techniques, case studies, and how-to pieces above all other content. Here are the top requested and best read How-To pieces from 2012. Be sure to check out each article to see the complete procedure in step-by-step form alongside a detailed slideshow.

New Dental Product: CS8100 digital panoramic system from Carestream Dental

January 22, 2013

With an intuitive user interface and computer control system, the CS8100 digital panoramic system’s imaging capabilities are for adult and pediatric patients as well as segmented panoramic, TMJ and maxillary sinus imaging.

New Dental Product: VibraJect® from ITL DENTAL

December 18, 2012

Described as an affordable way to simplify injections, the VibraJect® dental syringe attachment from ITL DENTAL controls pain from intraligamental, blocks and palatal injections. It also is said to improve the patient’s experience. Attached to the syringe body, high frequency needle vibrations block injection pain based on the Gate Control Theory.  

Top 3 makeovers courtesy of volunteer Tomorrow's SMILES dentists

December 17, 2012

For an at-risk teen suffering the pain and humiliation associated with poor oral health, a healthy smile can change everything. It means they can concentrate in school, make friends with their classmates and realize their dreams.

New dental product: Calasept Color Coded Irrigation Syringes by Wykle Research

December 14, 2012

Single use Calasept Color Coded Irrigation Syringes are 3ml Luer Lock syringes, which are color-coded to eliminate risk when using multiple irrigation liquids. They are available in packs of 20 syringes, 10 white and 10 green. The syringes also can be used with Calasept Irrigation Needles.  

New dental product: Durastrong® Sky-Scapes® by Practicon

December 13, 2012

Easy-to-install Durastrong® Sky-Scapes® light panels are said to be ideal for reception areas, operatories and offices. They are durable, lightweight decorative fluorescent light covers can replace existing light diffusers in minutes.

New dental product: GUIDOR Allograft by Sunstar Americas, Inc.

December 12, 2012

Complimenting the line of GUIDOR Matrix Barriers, GUIDOR Allograft is available in mineralized cortical particulate, mineralized cancellous particulate and 50/50 premixed blend of cortical/cancellous particles.

Top 5 Upgraded and Updated Dental Products of 2012

December 12, 2012

Updating a product isn’t easy. There is customer feedback to consider, as well as how best to use those comments while maintaining the properties that made that product successful. This list recognizes some of the products that were able to do just that in 2012.

Tech connoisseur Dr. John Flucke's fab five

December 11, 2012

Dental Products Report Technology Editor Dr. John Flucke is lucky enough to try numerous products out in his operatories. Here are five he put to work in 2012 that left a lasting impression on him and have the potential to help just about any dental practice.

New dental product: TorqTech by J. Morita USA, Inc.

December 10, 2012

Compatible with both air and electric motors, TorqTech geared straight and contra angle attachments are designed with a high-precision gear system. The attachments are available in a 1:1 straight nose cone; 1:1 contra angle; and a 1:5 speed-up contra angle.

10 secrets to an effective online presence

December 10, 2012

Many of the marketing articles over the past year focused on ways to use online options to boost brand awareness. Drawing from those highly-read features, here are some simple tips for creating an effective Web presence. 

Top 10 Editors' Choice Products

December 06, 2012

These new products were chosen by our Editorial Team based on pure innovation, or the ability to bring greater efficiency or consistency to the practice. Is there any new product you saw in 2012 that should have made the cut? Tell us in the comments section!

New Dental Product: 2500 Children's Texture Grip toothbrush by Tess Oral Health

December 05, 2012

Decorated with moons and stars, the 2500 Children’s Texture Grip toothbrush has a thumb grip along with finger grips on the back side. He soft, color-coordinated .007-inch bristles are surrounded by extra-soft .006-inch white bristles to provide gentle, comfortable cleaning. Free personalization of the toothbrushes is available. Tess Oral Health 800-762-1765

New Dental Product: Ortho Insight 3D software by Motion View Software, LLC

December 03, 2012

Ortho Insight 3D software simulates tooth movement for treatment planning including extractions, space closure and auto-alignment of dentition. Make precision bracket positioning then transfer to the patient, shortening chair-time and treatment time. The software is said to help orthodontists design accurate orthodontic appliances and eliminate lab fees and storage costs.