Dental Lab Products-2013-09-01

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The most important privacy information you need to know

December 12, 2013

As a dental laboratory, you seldom, if ever, are privy to patient telephone numbers, mailing or email addresses, birth dates, Social Security numbers, medical records or data directly identifying individuals’ relatives, employers or household members as part of your dealings with the dental office.

5 reasons you should get on social media

December 10, 2013

1. Your clients are into social media More dentists are turning to social media to promote their practices, and it’s a great tool for labs as well. Tweet about specials your lab is offering.

Easy tips to continue your education

October 11, 2013

Fall marks a new beginning for the academic world. Fall has exciting academic opportunities for dental labs as well-dental lab techs never stop learning, so the availability of educational opportunities is important to the success of your laboratory.