2022 Most Recommended OTC Products Guide

Editorial Director Noah Levine shares the over-the-count brands voted as the most recommended by dental professionals for 2022. Check out this video to see which products your colleagues recommend the most. [8 Minutes]


Hello, I'm Noah Levine, editorial director for Dental Products Report®. And today I'm excited to be bringing you the 2022 dentist and hygenist most recommended brands for oral care products. Last year we surveyed the dental industry asking dentists and hygienists from across the United States, which brands and products they're most likely to recommend to patients across 13 different categories of over the counter oral care products. Here are the winners in each of the categories.

Our first category is denture adhesives. Where Fixodent is the number one most recommended brand. 50% of dentists said they recommend Fixodent while 34% of hygienists say the same. In both cases, that was the top spot for both groups and the top overall spot. Congratulations to Fixodent.

Our next category is dry mouth remedy where Biotene is the winner garnering 64% of the total votes, including 68% from dentists and 57% from hygenist. Congratulations to Biotene.

Our next category is for floss and interdental cleaners. In this category, Glide was once again the most recommended brand by both dentists and dental hygienists. 30% of the overall vote went to Glide while 33% of dentists and 23% of hygienists are most likely to recommend Glide.

Our next category is the mouthwash slash oral rinse category, where Listerine is the number one most recommended brand for two years in a row. A total of 42% of our voters recommend Listerine 44% of dentists 37% of dental hygienists. Congratulations to Listerine for being the number one most recommended brand for mouthwash.

Our next category features another repeat winner, as Waterpik is the number one most recommended brand for powered interdental cleaners with 58% of the total vote with 58% of the recommendations from dentists and 61%. From hygienists. Congratulations to Waterpik.

And now we move on to our toothbrush categories. First up, the category of children's toothbrushes, where Oral-B is the most recommended brand with 37% of the overall vote. 40% of dentists and 33% of hygienists said they're most likely to recommend or Oral-B children's toothbrushes. Congratulations Oral-B.

The next category is the electric toothbrush category, which turns out to be one of the most hotly contested. Philips Sonicare once again took the top spot with 41% of the vote. But in this category, there was a split as 39% of dentists recommended Sonicare and 41% recommended another brand, while 46% of hygenists recommended Sonicare and only 32% recommended the other brand, therefore Sonicare eked out a victory. Congratulations Philips Sonicare.

Rounding out our toothbrush categories as the manual toothbrush category, where once again, or Oral-B is a repeat winner. Oral-B received 41% of the total vote with 46% of the vote from dentists and 32% of the vote from hygienists. Congratulations Oral-B.

Next we move on to our toothpaste categories starting with children's toothpaste. Crest is the number one most recommended brand of children's toothpaste, garnering 27% from dentists 26% from hygenist for 27% overall recommendation rate. Congratulations Crest.

Next up, we have our toothpaste, general category. This is another close category, but once again, Crest came out on top with 34% of the vote overall, including 34% from dentists and 33% from hygenists. Congratulations once again to Crest.

Now we move on to our natural and organic toothpaste category. This category was somewhat interesting as 47% of respondents said they don't recommend a product from within this category. But when we go down and look at the most recommended brand, Tom's of Maine did receive 30% of the recommendations including 26% from dentists and 36% from hygienists congratulation Tom's of Maine.

Our final toothpaste category is the sensitive teeth and gums category. This category Sensodyne ran away with it receiving 70% of the overall vote including 73% from dentists and 66% from dental hygienists. So it's another repeat winner. Congratulations to Sensodyne.

Our final category for the 2022 most recommended brands of over the counter dental products is whitening strips. This category once again goes to Crest as Crest whitening strips received 55% of the overall recommendations 52% from dentists and 59% from hygenists. Congratulations once again to Crest.

And with that, we wrap up our 2022 most recommended products guide. The full voting results are available in the OTC Guide section of the Dental Products Report® website at dentalproductsreport.com. You can go there and see how the voting played out across all 13 categories with all of the various options that received votes showing up on those pages. And be on the lookout as later this year. We'll be starting our survey to put together our 2023 Guide for the most recommended over the counter products for oral care from dentists and dental hygienists.

I'm Noah Levine for Dental Products Report®. Thanks for watching.