Product Bites – September 8 2023


Always focused on the newest dental products, this week's Product Bites podcast features a look at Kettenbach USA's new Profisil Fluoride Varnish and VSXE One impression material, plus Orascoptic's Phantom Sports Frame. [3 Min]

 Product Bites – September 8, 2023

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Welcome to Product Bites, a weekly podcast from Dental Products Report, providing you with a rundown of recently launched and updated dental technologies, materials, instruments, and everything else you might use with patients or while running your practice.

I'm your host for this week, DPR, Editorial Director Noah Levine, and on this week's podcast, we've got a pair of new products from Kettenbach as well as a new set of frames from Orascoptic, so let's dive right in and find out about these new industry innovations.

First up, Kettenbach USA recently introduced Profisil Fluoride Varnish. This new fluoride varnish contains 5% sodium fluoride in a dimethicone gel. The formula does not contain ethyl alcohol or colophony, which reportedly makes it less likely to cause soft tissue irritation or allergies. A single dose blister pack contains enough varnish to cover all affected teeth of both arches. The varnish can be applied in any direction to all affected surfaces. A prophy cleaning does not have to be done before use, and it is not necessary to dry the teeth prior to application. The formula is non clumping, which is easier on the brushes. Patient benefits include the protective coating which is provided by occluding tubules with calcium fluoride crystals. The fluoride varnish has no bitter taste and does not produce a burning sensation, and it's suitable for patients of all ages including children with primary teeth. The new Profisil Fluoride Varnish is available in mint and unflavored.

Next also from Kettenbach USA is VSXE One a monophase impression material that's specifically designed for fixation impressions. VSXE One is made from a combination of vinylpolysiloxane and vinylsiloxanether. This gives it a long working time and a short setting time and makes it easier to take impressions while reducing the amount of time patients have to keep their mouths open. The material is said to be more hydrophilic than traditional impression materials. It's compatible with most gypsum, it's also radiopaque and it's easy to remove, which is said to enhance the patient comfort even further. VSXE One also has a post cure hardness of Shore A 65. It's available in jumbo 5:1 cartridges in two shades, light and dark.

Finally, the new Phantom Sports Frames from Orascoptic weigh less than 53 grams which is said to be the latest frames on the market. The Phantom Sports Frame is made from titanium and features a variety of customizable options, including flexible temple tips, adjustable nose pads, and flex hinges. These features allow clinicians to customize the frame to their individual needs for all-day comfort. The Phantom Sports Frame is also available in two sizes and five colors, giving clinicians the option to choose a frame that matches their personal style. They are compatible with all Orascoptic loupes, and are backed by a 1-year warranty.

That does it for this week's episode of Product Bites from Dental Products Report. Catch up with us again next week for all the latest product releases over the next week or check to stay up to date and never miss a thing.

For Dental Products Report and Product Bites, I'm Noah Levine. Thanks for listening.

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