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Material Insights: Brush & Bond MAX from Parkell


[SPONSORED] Take a close look at Parkell's Brush & Bond MAX, as DPR Chief Dental Editor and Technology Editor John Flucke, DDS, explains what makes this universal bonding agent so easy to use and how it works to provide the strength you need.

Video Transcript:

If you can't scrub, does that affect the bond? Does that affect the sensitivity? Does that affect the longevity of the restoration? Those are all things that we need to consider.

How would you like to eliminate your bonding agent from your sensitivity decision tree matrix? Thought so. Well, if that's the case, then say hello to Brush & Bond MAX from Parkell.

Hi, I'm Dr. John Flucke. I am Chief dental editor and technology editor here at Dental Products Report. Today I'd like to talk to you a little bit about a bonding agent called Brush & Bond MAX from Parkell. And what I really want to talk to you about is how it can help you in the fight against postoperative sensitivity when you're doing direct bonded restorations in your office.

This is a really nice bonding agent. This material works with materials that are light-cured, auto-cured, self-cured, and dual-cured, and it works with every technique. So if you'd like to use total-etch, or if maybe you're a selective-etch doctor, or even a self-etch doctor, all of those bonding and etching systems work with Brush & Bond MAX.

This is a pretty simple system. It is the Brush & Bond MAX bottle, the Well, and the brushes. These brushes have a special chemical activator built into them that makes the material work.

The folks at Parkell did a survey a while back, and what they found was 55% of the doctors that they surveyed, who currently use a bonding agent that requires a scrub technique, they stated they didn't feel confident they're covering the entire prep surface, and 30% of those same doctors felt an incomplete scrubbing of their bonding agent may contribute to post-op sensitivity. So that is something really to think about. You don't have to worry about that situation with Brush & Bond MAX. You don't have to scrub with it, it literally is a product that uses a touch application type of bonding chemistry. By that, I mean you simply with this material, put 1,2, or 3 drops of liquid into the Well, touch it to the prep surface until that surface is wet, and that's really all you've got to do. Let's face it, when you are working in the mouth and you're playing beat the clock with contamination. Scrubbing every surface for 20 or 30 seconds can seem like a lifetime. With Brush & Bond MAX, all you have to do is wet the surfaces the prep. Once you get the chemistry where it needs to go, it does the rest for you.

So the survey at Parkell showed that there are three things that make a doctor want to change their bonding agent. Those are, number one, post-op sensitivity, and if you apply this product correctly, you don't get that. The really good news is, it's almost impossible to apply Brush & Bond MAX incorrectly. So because of the simplicity of the system, sensitivity issues are practically nonexistent. It's also easy to use, and that's another thing that doctors rated very highly. And the third thing that doctors asked for was high bond strength, and there are several things that go into that, but Brush & Bond MAX consistently provides bonds of 30 megapascals or more.

It has a really good penetration into the dentin tubules. and those resin tags go into those tubes and they lock and that creates this really nice interlacing network of support, and that really helps in a couple of ways. Number one is the mechanical resistance to movement because the material is locked in those tubules. And the second one is that filling those tubules helps to decrease dental sensitivity.

Brush & Bond MAX is a single bottle system that combines etchant, adhesive, and desensitizer all in one. It works with all of your techniques, total-etch, selective-etch and self-etch. It's compatible with every composite currently on the market, including light-cure, dual-cure, and self-cure. It's a single coat application. It greatly reduces the odds have post-op sensitivity, and it's very, very easy to use, no matter whose composite you're working with.

Brush & Bond MAX from Parkell is a terrific material. I think you're gonna love it.

I'm Dr. John Fluke. Thanks for watching

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