Mineh Badmagharian, OTD, OTR/L

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Mineh Badmagharian graduated from USC Chan’s Professional Master’s and Post-Professional Doctorate (OTD) programs.

Badmagharian's Armenian heritage and her experience leaving her birth country of Iran at the age of 12 led her to complete her OTD residency in a community-based mental health setting at Intra Mental Health Center, in Yerevan, Armenia. This move was a difficult transition where she found herself living in a new country, being on her own for the first time, and struggling with language barriers as Russian is the second language spoken in Armenia. Her motivation to address the stigma of mental health in Armenia, her passion for the arts, and her desire to help people led her to slowly settle into her OTD site where she “fell in love” with this setting.

After finishing her OTD in August 2020, she was hired as the head of research and strategy at Expper Technologies. This robotics company is based in Armenia and Mineh completed her work online while residing in California.


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