An Emotionally Intelligent Robot Recognizes Emotions, Comforts Kids

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This robot uses of AI tools to respond to emotional cues and facial expressions.

Robin the Robot is said to be the first-of-its-kind emotionally intelligent robot designed for pediatric patients by psychologists, scientists, and engineers. Standing 47 inches tall, Robin’s curved body shape with smooth transitions along the edges of the frame ensures safe use, and its animated facial features provide a high level of acceptance by children. Equipped with a joyful vocal style, Robin can quickly connect and foster a peer-based and trusting relationship with pediatric patients.

Behind the Technology

The artificial intelligence–based technology enables Robin to build associative memory, which allows the robot to recognize emotions by interpreting children’s facial expressions and building responsive dialogue by replicating patterns formed over previous experiences.

This process allows Robin to engage through natural interactions, such as facial expressions, language, body language, etc. To form empathetic connections with pediatric patients, the robot utilizes ultrasonic proximity sensors and cameras to effectively perceive, process, and respond to natural conversations, facial expressions, eye contact, and other behaviors.


This technology, coupled with evidence-based psychological tools such as distraction, behavioral, and play-based techniques, assists Robin in generating appropriate dialogues to initiate interactions and create meaningful relationships to help make dental visits more comfortable for children.

By identifying children's moods, ages, and preferences, Robin engages them in specifically crafted age-appropriate activities and conversations to increase their joyfulness level while also reducing their stress and anxiety. In addition to exciting animations and interactive games, Robin provides explanations for common dental procedures, making them easy for the children to understand and saving the staff valuable time in preparing the kids for various procedures.

Added Value

Robin’s journey in a new dental clinic starts with an onboarding process, including collaboration with the practice staff to customize Robin for that specific clinic. After goals for the clinic have been discussed, Robin’s content is updated to fit the clinic’s needs so that Robin becomes part of the team and learns how to best represent the clinic. In addition, staff can continuously request new content, including but not limited to conversational dialogues, video, audio materials, games and entertainment, educational content, and promotional content for that location.

Robin’s amiable and innovative nature creates a positive, relaxing, and welcoming atmosphere in the dental clinic. Robin is culturally competent, equipped with multilingual content, and can use sign language, increasing the opportunities to interact with patients from different communities and with different abilities. Robin engages children while they wait, helping them forget about their fear and anxiety related to their dental visits.

Robin helps ensure a successful patient visit and interacting with Robin increases the likelihood of the patient returning. With Robin the Robot, dental clinics experience improved customer satisfaction, enhanced social media presence, increased number of new customers, and higher retention rates. Robin brings new opportunities to provide exceptional customer service, patient care, and brand differentiation.