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A Better Way to Sinter

June 11, 2014

The Infinity ZR sintering furnace is a fully programmable, multi-phase sintering furnace designed to give labs years of dependable service, user flexibility and consistency.

Custom calibration

March 21, 2012

Technology has advanced rapidly over the past 40 years. Today we equate new technologies with CAD/CAM advances, milling, wax printing, scanners and other digital equipment. The lab industry has even developed a new language for the computer age. Words like splines, collision lines, wall heights and many others are routine conversation in a growing number of labs.

Tech Brief: Verification Gages

March 21, 2012

No more guessing

March 21, 2012

Formulated and manufactured for each component of the waxing process, the InStep casting wax system is designed to ensure that waxes are compatible from blockout to final waxup. This reduces the chance of defects in your castings.