Author | Dr. Parag R. Kachalia


Technique: How posterior composites made a difference in two cases

May 11, 2016


In this how-to dental technique, Dr. Parag Kachalia shows dentists in video and text form how he used posterior composites to help two patients.

How to use minimal intervention for maximum effectiveness

October 28, 2015


In the days of G.V. Black dentistry, the watch-and-wait approach actually had a tremendous amount of merit. Clinicians, at times, were able to diagnose caries at an early stage; however, preparation form for amalgam restorations did not lend itself to conservative dentistry.

Electric handpieces solve many problems

September 28, 2015


Over the last decade many new technologies have been incorporated into dental practices, including digital impression systems, diode lasers, digital radiography, LED curing lights and caries detection devices yet many individuals are using the exact same handpiece they have always used.

Category cruncher: Predictable posterior composites

May 19, 2015


Practitioners have been placing composite resin restorations for more than 60 years, and during this time, practitioners have gone from a world where only anterior teeth were restored with composite resin to a world where composite resin is used to restore essentially any tooth in the oral cavity.