Author | Andrea Greer, RDH

Over her 25 years of experience in the dental industry, Andrea Greer has led practices from many positions: dental assistant, hygienist, office manager, Dentrix trainer, practice management consultant and speaker. Founder of On Point Dental Consulting, she approaches her work with each practice uniquely to develop protocols and workflows to reduce stress and advance patient communication. Andrea is passionate about helping dentists and their teams believe in what they are providing to the patient family and realize contentment and purpose. Her gift of connection and empathy is a key element in engaging with audience members, as well as developing leadership one on one with her clients. Visit www.OnPoint.Consulting to connect with Andrea personally.


9 tips to increase workflow in 2019

December 04, 2018

Declutter supposedly necessary items to increase work efficiency and patient perceptions.

3 ways that daytime television is killing your dental practice

February 29, 2016

Build value for the dentistry – don’t apologize for it, don’t ignore it, and don’t distract from it with televisions playing in your practice.