Same-Day Dentistry Summit: Technologies and Solutions for Quality, Complete Dental Care in a Single Day

June 18th 2021

Join industry professionals in discovering and learning about the application of technology and techniques in same-day dentistry.

Sunbit Launches Buy Now, Pay Later Platform for Dental Market

June 18th 2021

The company's new financing platform offers patients a range of repayment options from 6 to 24 months.

Sterngold Dental Adds Holistic Relief Cream

June 18th 2021

Sterngold Dental has added a new holistic, transdermal cream product to help patients with pain and discomfort.

Sumita Mitra, Known for Application of Nanotechnology in Dentistry, Receives European Inventor Award 2021

June 18th 2021

Chemist Sumita Mitra was honored with the European Inventor Award 2021 for her application of nanotechnology in dentistry.

Updates on States Falling Behind in Dental Hygiene

June 17th 2021

A few things have changed in states where dental hygiene was lagging behind since the last update.