What are you grateful for?

Taking a few moments to think about all the things worth being grateful for right now can help put a challenging year in perspective.

Thanksgiving is over and I have a burning question for you. What are you grateful for? This question has more importance than in previous years. Why? Because the pandemic has rocked so many of our worlds. In this time where we are challenged more than ever, it is important to look at what you are grateful for.

Here is my list:

  1. I have a job
  2. I am not afraid of being laid off
  1. I have a boss I like
  2. I have coworkers who are better than family
  3. I feel safe going into our dental practice
  4. I feel that I can trust my dentist to not cut corners on safety
  5. My workplace is healthy
  6. I have health insurance
  7. I have a home and can go outside whenever I want
  8. I have my health
  9. My family is in good health
  10. There is food on the table
  11. I can pay my bills
  12. My kids are managing and dealing with the topsy turvey world we are living in
  13. I have learned new computer skills—Call me the Zoom whiz
  14. I am not wasting money on going out to eat or buying things I do not need
  15. I see my family on Zoom every Sunday for a family dinner
  16. People that I have not talked to in years are reentering my life via the phone
  17. My spouse is being incredibly careful to not put us at risk for COVID-19
  18. I have learned what boredom is—Never had time for that before
  19. I am more creative with finding things to do with my time
  20. I appreciate the first responders
  21. I appreciate the grocery store workers and the Amazon truck drivers
  22. I appreciate the doctors and medical personnel who took care of me during my illness
  23. People are more friendly when I am out on my walks
  24. Dogs have become more like family for so many people
  25. People made me soup when I was sick last month
  26. People have stepped up to help me when I ask for help
  27. Time with my family is more valuable than ever before
  28. Keeping my warped sense of humor has helped during challenging times

These are the things that come to mind when I think about what is important in my life. What about you? What are you grateful for? Is it people? Health? Your job? Your work family? The next step is, let the people in your life know how you feel about them. If you appreciate someone, tell them. Tell them now. Time is a precious commodity. Life happens very quickly. You may think that you have all the time in the world to tell someone how you are really feeling…and then you find out you were terribly mistaken. Life can and does change in a split second.

Try living your life without regrets. Do not feel that you should have done something or said something that you did not. Instead, live in the moment. Today, I was shoveling snow. We got hit hard here in Cleveland, Ohio. I shoveled for 2 hours to move 12 to 18 inches of snow off my driveway. I did not even get halfway done before I gave up. A truck has been stuck blocking my driveway for the past 6 hours. They cannot move. They are waiting for a tow. I offered food and drink, but they declined. If they had asked to use the bathroom, I would not have said no. Even with a pandemic, how can you say no to the basic needs? Luckily, they never asked.

While shoveling, I saw a young 21-year-old college kid get stuck in someone’s driveway. I walked down and helped dig him out. He was delivering food with Door Dash. What struck me was how this kid could not believe that I was helping to dig him out. He was stuck in the driveway and then in the street as the city had not plowed. When he pulled away, I told him to pay it forward. That is the only way that he can repay me for helping him…by helping someone else.

This is why it is important to look at what you have in your life that you are grateful for. It puts life in perspective. Even though this has been a rough year for so many of us, there are still things worth being grateful for. Please give it some thought and email me at diana2@discussdirectives.com and let me know what your gratitude list looks like.

Remember, you are not alone. We are in this together. Things are going to get better. Do not give up hope. And, most importantly, do not forget what you are grateful for.

Happy Holidays! Also, wear a mask and stay safe!