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What labs NEED to see in Chicago: Part 2

Dental Lab ProductsDental Lab Products February 2016
Volume 41
Issue 1

Dental Lab Products continues its preview of new products and innovations at Chicago Midwinter, Cal-Lab, Lab Day and Spectrum Day.

To bring you all of the innovations you need to know about from this year’s Chicago events, we worked with many of the leading innovators in the dental industry to find out what they’re showing off. In the following pages, you’ll see a snapshot of some of these game-changing new options.

Editor's note: Don't miss the solutions we showcased in Part 1, Part 3 and Part 4!

A photo of the Chicago Skyline

©Getty Images

If you see something you like, and you’re going to Chicago, simply find the company’s booth at one of the shows and let them know you want more information! If you’re not going to Chicago, no problem; simply pick up the phone and call the number under the product. We’re also updating our site during the shows so you won’t miss a thing. Just visit dlpmagazine.com and look for our Chicago coverage!

Whether you’re headed to one of the shows or not, you’re likely to be amazed at what new possibilities lie just around the corner. Click the "next" button to get started.

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Creodent abutments

Creodent has offered FDA 510(k) clearance of milled abutments since 2012. Creodent offers the Solidex® line up of milled abutments (zirconia hybrid, titanium, gold anodized or with retention grooves) along with precision-milled titanium bars. All milling is done at the Creodent facilities located in Manhattan. Labs can ask about other CAD/CAM products and services in Chicago.


212-302-3860  |  creodental.com

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crown made at Digital Age Dental Laboratories

Strategically located in Vietnam, Digital Age Dental Laboratories, Ltd. is an ISO-certified and FDA-registered, state-of-art facility fully equipped with CAD/CAM printers and milling machines. Digital Age Dental offers full/solid zirconia crown and bridge restorations fabricated with high-quality crystal zirconia, which reportedly is virtually fracture-free and delivers an optimal strength of 850 MPa with a precision fit. By choosing to outsource zirconia CAD/CAM restorations to Digital Age Dental, labs are said to be able to offer a dependable alternative to full-cast, semiprecious and porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFMs) products at the most competitive price. All case impressions shipped to Digital Age are fabricated within seven days turnaround time. 

Digital Age Dental Laboratories

877-530-3235  |  dadlinc.com

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imes-icore milling machine

Join DAL DT Technologies at LMT Lab Day Chicago 2016 on the show floor, as well as in the Randolph Room. DT will display the CORiTEC imes-icore milling machines, as well as the Medit Identica scanners with exocad software. Joining them is Dental Direkt to present its full line of zirconia materials, including the high-strength BioZX2 zirconia and the high-translucent cubeX2 cubic zirconia. New this year are both the Identica Hybrid scanner and the DT CAMX2 CAM software. Stop by the booth or join one of the ten courses in the Randolph Room to learn more.

DAL DT Technologies

888-894-2148  |  daltechsystems.com

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Datron milling burs

DATRON, maker of the D5 dental milling machine, has released a line of solid carbide CAD/CAM milling tools to the North American market. This line includes tools that are compatible with (or designed for) all major CAD/CAM systems and dental materials. DATRON reportedly has leveraged 20 years of experience in milling tool design along with its patented geometries and specialty coatings to deliver a product designed to help labs and milling centers improve the quality of their milled restorations and save money though extended tool life.


888-262-2833  |  datron.com

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dental creations Stax plus

Dental Creations will showcase new products designed to help the technician work smarter and not harder. Stax Plus Modeling Liquid Kit, for low- and high-fusing porcelains, will be highlighted, and the Z-Shine Diamond Polish Kit, which was specially designed for IPS e.max and zirconia crowns, will be introduced. The kit reportedly provides a high-luster shine in one step in less than 30 seconds. Another new product is the Wonder Z-Ring Kit, which creates even heat distribution across the firing tray. Dental Creations’ booth also has show specials and free samples of products.

Dental Creations

254-772-4661  |  wonderfill.com

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DentalEZ cabinetry

DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions introduces NevinLabs’ new ErgoEZ Workstation with LED lighting. Built with Nevin’s new custom-designed optical system, the LED Workstation Light is engineered to illuminate the work area with consistent light quality for improved visual acuity and precise shade matching. The LED lighting is UV-free, reportedly providing users less eye strain and fatigue and allowing for a more comfortable and productive work experience. The average life of the LED model is said to be four times that of compact fluorescent lighting and can reportedly save hundreds of dollars in lamp replacement costs during the lifetime of the fixture. The LED Workstation Light comes with a five-year warranty.


800-544-5337  |  dentalez.com

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dentca 3D printer

Fabrication of dental prostheses with DENTCA utilizes a computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system. The system is said to automate the denture-making process for precision and incorporates a 3D impression scanning system, automated DENTCA 3D software and a stereolithographic additive printer technology for denture fabrication. Once DENTCA receives the impression (or 3D scanned files) from doctors or labs, the CAD software system creates 3D dentures using all anatomical landmarks captured in the impression and then 3D prints dentures. Additionally, DENTCA only requires one patient visit before final denture delivery, compared to five visits required by conventional methods.


855-433-6822  |  dentca.com

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Available for all major implant systems, ATLANTIS patient-specific solutions are designed based on the final tooth shape for optimal form and function and are fully FDA-compliant. Most recently, products such as the ATLANTIS™ custom-base solution and ATLANTIS™ insertion guide reportedly have provided opportunities for dental laboratories to optimize their services and create a more efficient workflow with clinical partners. The new high-precision ATLANTIS™ custom base with ATLANTIS core file solution is designed to provide an optimal foundation for a screw-retained crown. The ATLANTIS insertion guide is a 3D-printed device that holds an ATLANTIS abutment securely at the correct angle and orientation during installation for single- and multiple-unit, cement-retained solutions. 


800-877-0020  |  dentsplyimplants.com

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Stratasys 3D printer from ETI

ETI Digital Technology’s complete model solution is a special combination of Dental Wings’ model builder module and Stratasys’ Objet30 Dental Prime 3D printer. ETI Digital Technology’s model builder software is said to meet the required demands for laboratories working with intraoral or impression scans. With Dental Wings’ monoblock model feature, laboratories reportedly have the full capability to create the model in one solid block with a replica of the die(s) attached to the side of the block. Additionally, the Dental Prime 3D printer has been validated by ETI Digital Technology to 3D print accurate models created from the Dental Wings model builder module.

ETI Digital Technology

800-451-7778  |  etidigitaltechnology.com

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exocad software

Exocad will introduce a significant expansion of its complete software solution for digital dentistry. Come see new core features designed to provide improved accuracy, speed and intuitive operation while expanding the breadth of both fixed and removable design. Also, learn about new exoscan® scanners, exocam® options and how dentalshare® is said to be the fastest and easiest way to transfer designs between clinicians, labs and production facilities. Exocad will also cover new training solutions and partner announcements, including new resellers and exocad-friendly outsource options.


855-EXO-4CAD  |  exocad.com

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Follow Me hyperDENT software

FOLLOW-ME! Technology will demonstrate its newest hyperDENT release, V 7.4. It features angulated screw-channel milling for any indication with a screw access hole ranging from Ti-base hybrid zirconia abutments to chrome-cobalt screw-retained bridges. FOLLOW-ME! Technology will also feature the new hyperDENT denture module. It utilizes denture-specific milling toolpaths, reportedly resulting in extremely fast calculation and milling times for denture bases in wax, PMMA and other materials.

FOLLOW-ME! Technology

847-420-6542  |  follow-me-tech.com

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Fricke Dental removable

Fricke Dental International offers high-impact, custom-blended denture base resins available in several shades in HI-I® heat-cure, HI-I® self-cure reline and repair, HI-I® pour fracture-resistant pour resin, HI-I® tooth resin and HI-I® for injection. Also available are Eledent® teeth in 17 VITA® shades and 50 IPN® molds and Replica® teeth in 11 shades similar to Bioform® with a cross reference to VITA and molds similar to New Hue® and Classic®.

Fricke Dental International

800-537-4253  |  frickedental.com

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GC Initial LiSi

GC Initial LiSi is a new member of the popular ceramic line of Initial. This new ceramic is a specialized veneering ceramic designed for lithium disilicate frameworks. With these types of frameworks gaining popularity, GC now offers a material for reportedly highly esthetic and durable restorations and long-term patient satisfaction. Thanks to the exact crossmatched coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE), its low firing temperature and high stability during multiple firings, GC Initial LiSi reportedly ensures labs’ safe and predictable processing of lithium disilicate frameworks.

GC America

800-323-7063  |  gcamerica.com

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Great Lakes scanner

The MiniSTAR S® with scan technology is ergonomically designed with a bar code scanner that automatically enters the correct processing information for a lab’s material. MiniSTAR features a programmable display and advanced thermostatic heating technology, reaches working temperature in one second and uses 60 psi for positive pressure thermal forming. Though smaller than the Biostar®, this alternative is designed to achieve flawless adaptation and said to fabricate appliances with extremely professional results.

Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd.

800-828-7626  |  greatlakesortho.com

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Harvest Dental Digital materials

Harvest Dental introduced ZCAD™ Addition Wax, a high-quality modeling wax formulated and designed right to the flagship ZCAD Wax Press™ line both in color and adaptation for total compatibility. Labs reportedly can use this material to easily modify, add to, create or build to post-milled wax units for a total CAD/CAM wax solution.

Harvest Dental

800-706-7599  |  harvestdental.com

Must read: Don't miss part one of our Chicago preview!

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