Videa Perio Assist Garners FDA Clearance


VideaHealth’s AI-powered image analysis tool designed to expedite oral health analysis and measure radiographic signs of periodontal disease.

Videa Perio Assist Garners FDA Clearance

VideaHealth today announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued 510(k) clearance for Videa Perio Assist, its AI-powered interproximal bone level measurement tool for periodontal disease assessment.

With Videa Perio Assist, dentists and hygienists can easily measure interproximal bone level changes over time for patients 12 and older, resulting in faster and more accurate treatment recommendations and improved patient outcomes.

Last month VideaHealth was awarded a US patent for its dental AI image recognition technology from the US Patent and Trademark Office. Patent no. 11,553,874 covers dental image feature detection powered by machine learning that helps dentists detect dental diseases on images and matches those findings to patient records.

“Videa Perio Assist has been a game-changer for our hygienists and dentists as it helps them more effectively identify signs of periodontal disease,” says Marlene Kacy, Director of Hygiene at 42 North Dental. “VideaHealth not only empowers our team to make better treatment recommendations, but also its intuitive visualizations make it very easy for us to educate patients and explain our findings to them.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 50% of adults over age 30 have periodontal disease, which can contribute to other chronic conditions like diabetes, respiratory and heart disease. Interproximal radiographic bone level (RBL) is a valuable supplement in diagnosing periodontal disease alongside traditional periodontal probing. However, factors such as reader experience, or systemic conditions can often affect the accuracy of periodontal probing measurements. The use of RBL, powered by Videa Perio Assist AI algorithms, lets dental clinicians quickly and accurately supplement and support their periodontal probing findings, thereby aiding in the early identification of some systemic diseases, according to VideaHealth.

Videa Perio Assist also helps dentists and hygienists clearly communicate findings with patients in a highly engaging and visual presentation format. This lets patients better understand what’s happening and why treatment is necessary to help reverse and stop deterioration.

“Since our inception, we’ve worked directly with dentists and DSOs [Dental Service Organizations] to understand how AI can elevate care and move the dental industry forward. Periodontal disease has consistently been mentioned as a top concern, in part because of the challenges with interpreting its signs,” Florian Hillen, founder and CEO, VideaHealth, states. “Videa Perio Assist enables a more comprehensive and proactive approach to assessing interproximal RBL and monitoring periodontal disease.”

Videa Perio Assist is part of the VideaHealth dental AI platform Videa Assist. VideaHealth’s dental AI platform contains FDA-cleared medical algorithms designed to improve the detection of common dental diseases and foster stronger patient communication and higher case acceptance rates. Videa Assist is already used by leading DSOs like Heartland Dental and 42 North. Its technology is said to seamlessly integrate with leading practice management systems, including Henry Schein One’s Dentrix, increasing access to thousands of dental practices across the nation.

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