Henry Schein One Partners with VideaHealth for Artificial Intelligence Image Analysis Dentrix Integration

Henry Schein One has partnered with VideaHealth to integrate artificial intelligence right into the practice management software for automatic X-ray analysis.

Henry Schein One has announced a partnership with VideaHealth to integrate its revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) platform with the Dentrix® practice management system. Introduced as Dentrix Detect AI, this natural integration will build VideaHealth’s caries detection system, which has been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), right into Dentrix, according to a press release from Henry Schein One.

Dentrix Detect AI is an X-ray analysis tool that will provide dentists an automatic closer look at images. This analysis will bolster clinical decision making, improving confidence in both the practitioner and the patient, according to Paul Hao, Chief Product Officer, Henry Schein One.

“Artificial intelligence has made a profound impact on several different industries, and Henry Schein One is committed to investing in AI solutions that can provide greater value for dental practices and patients,” Hao said in the press release. “Together with VideaHealth, we look forward to helping dental professionals further elevate the digitalization of patient care through AI.”

This integration allows for the X-ray analysis automatically, cutting out the potential hassle of importing or exporting files to a separate program. It will provide a great boon for dental professionals looking to incorporate AI into the dental practice, according to Founder and CEO of VideaHealth, Florian Hillen.

“We are thrilled to be working with Henry Schein One to bring our AI caries detection solution to Dentrix users,” Hillen said in the press release. “Having our AI detection technology seamlessly integrated into the Dentrix software that dentists use every day is a huge step forward. Dentists can now easily and immediately begin utilizing AI to help them make the most accurate patient diagnoses possible.”

Dentrix Detect AI is available to qualified Dentrix customers.