VideaHealth Dental AI Awarded US Patent

The patent was granted to the company's dental AI image recognition technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI) platform, VideaHealth, was awarded a US patent for its dental AI image recognition technology from the US Patent and Trademark Office, the company announced. Patent no. 11,553,874 covers dental image feature detection powered by machine learning that helps dentists detect dental diseases on images and matches those findings to patient records.

“When I was still a researcher, I saw how impactful AI was becoming for everything from customer service applications to financial market use cases and to healthcare. It was then that I realized how powerful AI insights could be in dentistry when applied to X-ray analysis,” Florian Hillen, CEO and founder of VideaHealth said, according to a press release. “AI-powered X-ray analysis serves as a data-driven assistant to dentists, bringing a higher level of confidence to both dentists and patients.

Dentists using VideaHealth’s AI technology are seeing increases in case acceptance rates, according to the company’s statement. VideaHealth is working with partners such as Henry Schein One and dental support organizations (DSO) such as 42 North to deploy its technology across the US. The VideaHealth team guides change management processes to help clinicians and DSOs fully realize the benefits of diagnostic dental AI for accelerated practice growth and superior patient outcomes.