Valplast announces a new 3D printer

The new r.Pod 3D printer from Valplast is designed to print a variety of resins, including the Valplast resin for flexible partial dentures.

At the 12th Annual DLOAC CAD/CAM Symposium held recently in California, Valplast announced the launch of its new r.Pod™ ™ Desktop 3D Printer.

Scheduled for release in early 2016, the r.Pod™  is capable of printing thermoplastic resins for the construction of digital models, custom trays and soft tissue implant models. The printer is also capable of printing original Valplast® nylon resin for flexible partial dentures. Valplast® dentures that are printed with the r.Pod™  are compatible with custom designed denture teeth that may be milled or printed. 

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“As a denture technician, one of the biggest challenges I face is to successfully combine prefabricated denture teeth with a removable partial denture,” explains Justin Marks, CDT, Vice President of Dental Technology, Valplast International Corp. “Partially edentulous patients are rarely one size fits all, and the combination of custom milled denture teeth with a 3D printed Valplast denture allows me to fabricate highly esthetic and functional partial dentures. Incorporating digital technology also allows me to drastically reduce the time, labor and materials that are involved in the traditional fabrication of a Valplast denture.”

In addition to the r.Pod™ announcement, Valplast also introduced a library of denture teeth and PMMA milling discs that can be used for the production of milled CAD/CAM dentures. The new materials will be released under the Platinum 3D™ brand name and also have an expected launch date of early 2016.

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