Using the ScanX Intraoral View in your practice

The system is said to be the next generation of digital radiography systems for all intraoral formats.

The ScanX Intraoral View scanner is a Wi-Fi-enabled digital radiography system for intraoral formats. The new scanner features a touchscreen and supports the simultaneous scanning of four plates. 

The system is said to enable the intuitive, efficient and time-saving digitization of PSPs for all intraoral formats, sizes 0-4. 

High resolution:

The scanner is said to offer superb image quality, up to 20 lp/mm. It has digital filters for what are said to be reliable diagnostics that allow the user to adjust the contrast and sharpness of images. The unit’s 4.3-inch touchscreen can display 16.7 million colors for what is said to be excellent image quality.


The unit is said to increase efficiency by 300 percent when compared with other single-plate scanners. ScanX Intraoral View allows the user to check X-ray results with a preview function for the scanned images, and a preset scan mode is said to provide quick and reliable scanning. Wi-Fi connectivity allows the unit to be placed anywhere in an office. Even if the user’s IT network is down, the unit can still scan and save X-rays, as images are stored temporarily in the internal memory and are transferred later on.

PSP technology:

The Air Techniques PSP technology reportedly makes it very easy to switch to a digital workflow. PSP are said to be easier to position and sit more comfortably in a patient’s mouth, while handling is as easy as analog film without the need for chemicals or a dark room. With the ScanX Intraoral View, PSP diagnostics are said to be quicker, more reliable and more convenient.