Ultradent's new fluoride varnish Enamelast is effective without the gritty residue

Issue 10

Ultradent Products, Inc. has introduced its new groundbreaking fluoride varnish, Enamelast.

Ultradent Products, Inc. has introduced its new groundbreaking fluoride varnish, Enamelast.

Created in response to overwhelming demand for an effective varnish that doesn’t leave an unsightly, uncomfortable, and gritty residue, Enamelast allows patients to leave the dental office with teeth that feel clean and smooth.

In addition to its silky texture, Enamelast appears nearly invisible against the teeth, eliminating the embarrassment to smile that many patients feel after other varnish treatments.

According to Ultradent, for a fluoride varnish to provide the best results, it must adhere to the teeth for the entire recommended time. Enamelast features a patented adhesion-promoting agent that enhances retention, making it easier for patients to receive its full benefits. Enamelast’s natural feel also makes it more comfortable to wear for a longer amount of time, allowing for maximum fluoride uptake.

For orthodontic patients, Enamelast facilitates longer, sustained fluoride release when applied to teeth previously treated with a sealant.

Enamelast comes in two delivery options: unit-dose blister packs or Ultradent’s signature syringe and tip application.

The Enamelast unit-dose blister packs provide an ideal delivery option for the clinician who prefers the convenience of a one-time use application, or for dental clinics in hospital settings that require the use of unit-dose treatments in which all materials are packaged together.

Each blister pack includes a prefilled well and applicator brush, allowing the clinician to dip the brush in the well and paint the varnish on the teeth. Conversely, the syringe delivery method facilitates the ability to express Enamelast through Ultradent’s SoftEZ tip directly onto the teeth for fast application. The clinician can also choose to express the varnish onto the back of their glove before painting onto the teeth. As opposed to the unit-dose blister packs, each syringe of Enamelast provides enough varnish for three to four patients.

For more information about Ultradent, call 800-552-5512 or visit ultradent.com.


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