Top 7 end-to-end solutions for lab success, Issue 2

Quick bites for personal development and overall lab success.

Quick bites for personal development and overall lab success.


Numerous companies now offer a seamless approach to CAD/CAM integration, including scanners and software for a broad range of applications. Additionally, both small and large companies are moving toward open architecture systems so more of the products you purchase work together.

02 Outsourcing to strategic partners

If there are services you’d like to provide to your dentist customers, but aren’t sure where to start, outsourcing to trusted partners (several great ones to choose from here in the U.S.), can help you to kick start a business segment you hadn’t thought possible.

03 Marketing

With so many different marketing channels available today -direct mail, email and social media - it can be difficult to wrap your arms around it all effectively. There are vendors who can help by taking it all on and providing trackable data.

04 Implants

Representing a flourishing trend, potential business stream and optimal patient option, you want to give your implant work every chance to succeed. To minimize the variables related to implant failure, look for manufacturing partners who can support your work from start to finish.

05 Lab management

Digital case management is the name of the game. Numerous lab management software providers make it possible to move past handwritten notes to a streamlined system that tracks cases from the moment a doctor hits send, to the time you send a beautiful restoration out the door.

06 Lab design

Much like marketing, you can’t be expected to be an expert in every aspect of your business. Allow a design team to help you create a space that is both functional and flexible as technology needs continue to shift.

07 Materials

As material technology progresses, there a definitely some options that seem to “do it all.” What may be most important in looking at end-to-end solutions is considering how a family of brands can contribute to consistent, predictable results.