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Top 50 products of 2017: Part 1

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report December 2017
Volume 51
Issue 12

The editors of DPR pick the products that moved the needle this year.

Every year, the dental industry is presented with a slew of products that make promises to revolutionize and transform the way dentistry is practiced.

Some of the claims end up being a bit of a stretch - perhaps a product is good or an iterative update to a useful product, but it might not be something that makes people wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

And then, on the other hand, there are a class of products that stand apart. The ones that truly do shape and transform the dental industry in such ways that bottom lines are improved, that jobs are made more efficient and, of course, that patients are better cared for. Those are the type of products we’ve picked for our top 50 editor’s choice products of 2017. These products blew us away throughout the year, and we’re proud to bring you this roundup of the solutions pushing dentistry forward.

Harmonize™ universal composite

Harmonize is described as a next-generation composite infused with Adaptive Response Technology (ART). ART is a nanoparticle filler network formulated to help you achieve lifelike restorations with more ease and simplicity. With better blending capabilities and enhanced structural integrity, the ART of Harmonize is said to provide your restorations with exceptional strength and esthetics. The ART filler system in Harmonize also diffuses and reflects light in a similar way as human enamel for an enhanced chameleon effect.

Kerr Corp.
800-KERR-123  |  kerrharmonize.com

Epic Pro™ diode laser

The Epic Pro, which reportedly offers the most laser power of any diode laser in dentistry, is the first product to be introduced resulting from BIOLASE’s strategic development agreement with IPG Photonics. Epic Pro is said to feature several new innovations that are industry-firsts: A new super pulse technology for more precise, enhanced laser tissue cutting; real-time automatic power control to enhance speed and consistency when performing surgery; and pre-initiated, bendable, disposable tips with new smart tip technology to ensure tip performance and quality.

888-424-6527  |  biolase.com

CS Solutions for Implants

CS Solutions for Implants is a digital integrated implant solution that’s said to support more confident diagnoses, improved treatment planning, better patient/referral communication and greater confidence when placing implants. Prosthetically-driven implant planning starts by combining the data sets from a digital impression taken by an intraoral scanner and a CBCT scan. The two scans are reportedly automatically aligned in CS 3D Imaging software to create a virtual set-up. A new planning module of CS 3D Imaging allows doctors to virtually plan the crown and implant on the same screen.

Carestream Dental
800-944-6365  |  carestreamdental.com

Thermo Clone®

Thermo Clone® VPS impression material is described as a premium product, specially engineered to be reliable and consistent. To the dental professional taking an impression while trying to minimize patient discomfort, bubblegum-scented Thermo Clone is the brand of vinyl polysiloxane impression material that reportedly makes impression-taking easier because of its consistent setting times, thermal set curing that activates when placed in the patient’s mouth and optimally effective techniques to get the right impression the first time.

Ultradent Products, Inc.
800-552-5512  |  ultradent.com

TempCanal™ Enhanced

Pulpdent’s newest calcium hydroxide product, TempCanal Enhanced, features pH > 12 and disinfects canals and prevents flare-ups, making it ideal for routine use between visits and for extended treatment of complicated cases. The easy-to-use material is said to flow easily through 27-gauge x 25 mm, 2-side-vent, endo irrigation needles. The non-setting, non-drying formula will reportedly not clog the needle, and it’s easily removed with file and irrigation. TempCanal Enhanced is packaged in standard 1.2 mL and 3 mL luer lock syringes for convenient one-hand operation.

Pulpdent Corp.
617-926-6666  |  pulpdent.com

Nupro Freedom™ Cordless Prophy System

The Nupro Freedom™ Cordless Prophy System with SmartMode™ Technology reportedly provides clinicians with an innovative method of controlling the speed and power of the prophy cup while freeing clinicians from cords and foot pedals. It is said to provide 25-percent more speed and power than the previous generation Freedom handpiece. The package includes a cordless handpiece, three autoclavable outer sheaths, Disposa-Shield® disposable polyethylene barriers and disposable prophy angles.

Dentsply Sirona Preventative
800-877-0020  |  dentsplysirona.com

Planmeca PlanMill® 40 S

PlanMill 40 S is Planmeca’s brand-new unit for fast and accurate milling directly at a dental clinic. It reportedly offers fast milling speeds (80,000 rpm and only eight to 10 minutes per restoration); an expanded range of applications, including abutments, crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and bridges; an automated tool charger for 10 tools; guided maintenance; and smart tool paths that are optimized to suit material characteristics.

+358-20-7795-500  |  planmeca.com

Dentrix® practice management software expanded integration

Henry Schein, Inc. announced three new partners that became members of the Dentrix Developer Program by integrating their digital impression scanners with Henry Schein Dentrix practice management software via the Digital Dental Exchange (DDX™) OS. Planmeca PlanScan Scanner®, 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanner and 3M™ True Definition Scanner now have the ability to place a record of their intraoral scans into patients’ charts in the Dentrix® practice management system.

Henry Schein, Inc.
800-372-4346  |  henryschein.com

IonoStar® Plus

IonoStar® Plus is a new glass ionomer restorative that offers a fast set, immediate packability, non-stick handling and enhanced physical properties. It comes in an easy-to-use direct activation application capsule that fits virtually all branded glass ionomer applicators. IonoStar Plus has an abbreviated working time of two minutes. In addition, it is radiopaque, fluorescent, has a high continuous fluoride release and does not require the use of a dentin conditioner.

VOCO America
888-658-2584  |  vocoamerica.com

ALPEN ShapeGuard

ALPEN ShapeGuard is a new line of diamond impregnated polishers that are said to be strong in polishing and gentle on surfaces. ShapeGuard’s new spiral wheel design offers flexible lamellas for use with universal composite and ceramic restorative materials. The polishers are designed for polishing incisal, labial, buccal and lingual surfaces. ShapeGuard Composite Plus is reportedly a simple two-step system, while ShapeGuard Ceramic Plus is a three-step system. Both Composite Plus and Ceramic Plus polishers are autoclavable.

330-916-8800  |  coltene.com

Lava Esthetic zirconia

Lava Esthetic is engineered to deliver optimized translucency for esthetic full-contour crowns and three-unit bridges at a high strength of 800 MPa. A four-shading element formulation makes it the first pre-shaded zirconia to offer inherent fluorescence for all shades as well as a true color match with VITA® Classic shades. The high strength of Lava Esthetic zirconia allows for conventional, self-adhesive or adhesive cementation. The material is available in a 98-mm disc with step format in 14 mm, 18 mm and 22 mm heights.

800-364-3577  |  3M.com

Endovac Pure™

Endovac™ Pure is an irrigation system that reportedly combines a portable base unit with a sterile packed cartridge and an ergonomically designed, single handheld controller for ease of use. It is said to be the only system of its kind to leverage the apical negative pressure technique. With the single handheld controller, dentists are said to be able to achieve complete three-dimensional and apical cleaning of a root canal.

This device is not approved for distribution in any market. Registration in the U.S. is under review.

Kerr Endodontics
800-KERR-123  |  kerrdental.com

Resurge® Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Resurge® Ultrasonic Cleaner is available in two sizes, 0.8 gallon and 2.0 gallon, for offices seeking either high- or low-capacity cleaning requirements. Combined with the Resurge® Instrument Cleaning Solution, these ultrasonic cleaners reportedly offer superior cleaning and ease of use. Both units are said to feature a low-profile design, making it easy to insert and remove instruments, while a touchscreen can help simplify setup and operation.  Additional features include a universal rack for cassettes and a stainless steel basket for instruments.

Dentsply Sirona
800-989-8825  |  dentsply.com/resurgeultrasonic

3M™ Filtek™ One Bulk Fill Restorative

Designed for the posterior, the optical properties and improved opacity of the 3M™ Filtek™ One Bulk Fill Restorative reportedly enable the simplicity of one-step bulk placement - up to 5 mm - with improved esthetics. With 3M’s Smart Contrast Ratio Management technology, Filtek One Bulk Fill Restorative features increased opacity without reducing depth of cure. Available in five shades, there is reportedly no need for layering or expensive dispensing devices.

3M Oral Care
888-364-3577  |  3M.com

X-Mind® Trium

The X-Mind® Trium 3D CBCT device is designed to facilitate osseointegration with reportedly instant volume measurement and bone density assessment. It is engineered to provide exceptional image quality with 75 μm voxel resolution for a variety of applications. ACTEON Imaging Suite can assess the volume and bone density for reportedly improved bone grafting procedures and implant placement while all scans are produced in STL format for export into surgical guide design software.

ACTEON North America
800-289-6367  |  acteongroup.com

TempoCem ID

TempoCem ID is an esthetically-oriented temporary cement. The innovative formulation of the product is designed to allow the clinician to detect excess cement - even below the gum line - that can often be removed in one piece. Engineered for optimal transparency, TempoCem ID’s color-neutral formulation reportedly never impacts the shape of the provisional, making it an ideal choice for posterior and anterior restorations alike. Available in a handheld syringe, TempoCem ID is designed to flow and mix easily, seal tightly for long-term temporization and not stick to instruments.

DMG America
800-662-6383  |  dmg-america.com


OptiDam is a three-dimensional, low radiopacity rubber dam designed for stress-free positioning and patient comfort. Its 3D design is engineered to offer dentists optimal visibility and accessibility to the treatment area, leading to greater success in procedures. The rubber dam also is designed to be practical since there’s no need to remove it during X-rays. Its anatomical shape reportedly reduces tensioning, which means dentists don’t need to worry about the dam snapping out of place. 

Kerr Endodontics
800-537-7123  |  kerrdental.com

CS 8100 3D system

The CS 8100 3D system is now available with a cephalometric imaging option in addition to several new 3D applications. Featuring multi-functional, four-in-one imaging capabilities, the system reportedly enhances doctors’ diagnoses with high-quality images. It is said to feature the fastest scanning time of any scanning cephalometric unit on the market - as little as three seconds. The system includes exclusive Carestream Dental imaging software that’s engineered to recognize anatomical structures and trace them automatically.

Carestream Dental
800-944-6365  |  carestreamdental.com

XP-3D™ Shaper

The XP-3D™ Shaper is designed to address the shortcomings of traditional NiTi instrumentation. It features Brasseler USA’s exclusive MaxWire® Technology that reportedly allows the instrument to expand and become more robust when exposed to body temperature. Once an adequate glide path is established, the XP-3D Shaper is engineered to be able to clean the entire canal without the need for multiple files. It also features a small flexible core that’s designed to be resistant to cyclic fatigue.

Brasseler USA
800-841-4522  |  brasselerusa.com

TRIOS 3 Wireless

Based on 3Shape’s award-winning TRIOS intraoral scanner, the TRIOS 3 Wireless is designed to connect via Wi-Fi to laptops and the TRIOS cart, eliminating the need for a connecting cable between the intraoral scanner wand and computer. The scanner is designed with an easy battery exchange for nonstop scanning, and includes three long-lasting rechargeable batteries with the digital color impression solution. The wand is engineered to be used to navigate between scan pages on the computer.

908-867-0144  |  3shape.com


iCoreExchange is a cloud-based messaging platform said to have unparalleled security and intuitive practice productivity features. It was reportedly developed with input from more than 2,000 dental professionals. The platform is engineered to have no file size restrictions, making it easy to share or transfer files, lab reports and X-rays. iCoreExchange is designed to meet or exceed all five legally required technical safeguards for HIPAA-compliant transmission of electronic protected health information.

888-810-7706  |  icoreconnect.com

Trefoil concept

The Trefoil concept reportedly offers the possibility of same-day rehabilitation of the edentulous mandible or a failing dentition in the lower jaw with a definitive implant-supported prosthesis. The use of an innovative compensation mechanism incorporated into a prefabricated framework - which allows adjustment to a precision fit on three implants - is said to make the Trefoil concept unique. The Trefoil concept is slated to be available in the U.S. in 2018.

Nobel Biocare
800-322-5001  |  nobelbiocare.com


The AXESS Mask is a single-use, lightweight and low profile nasal mask that is said to contour to form fit comfortably over the patient’s nose. The sedation system is reportedly constructed of slender, lightweight tubing to reduce drag that can lead to mask displacement. The mask and circuit combined are engineered to provide patients with a comfortable experience while offering clinicians easy and unobstructed access to the oral cavity.

631-582-6777  |  crosstex.com

ImplantPro® Titanium Probes

ImplantPro® Titanium Probes are said to be a reliable alternative to plastic probes and ideal for use on both implants and natural dentition. Engineered with an innovative design and superior ergonomics, the probes reportedly feature precise, black color markings on a smooth surface for a more gentle diagnostic evaluation and improved patient comfort. 

Brasseler USA
800-841-4522  |  brasselerusa.com

DEXcam™ 4 HD

The DEXcam 4 HD intraoral video camera is said to yield remarkably clear and focused images in real-time that are crucial for diagnosis and fully documenting patients’ overall oral health. The intraoral camera features robust housing, automatic features and convenient portability to provide easy control over focus, image capture and movement between operatories. The 1.3 million pixel CMOS sensor reportedly delivers high-resolution images that remain clear and crisp even when enlarged.

888-883-3947  |  dexis.com

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