Nobel Biocare unveils new solution for faster full-arch restorations


Exploring the cutting-edge new product offerings from Nobel Biocare.

The team at Nobel Biocare was quite busy on the IDS show floor, as attendees from around the world gathered to view their latest innovations.

We sat down with senior product managers at Nobel Biocare to get the first-hand scoop on some of their newest innovations, such as the On1 concept, which was announced last summer at their Global Symposium in New York, and the Trefoil concept, which will be available in the US in 2018.

The On1 concept is a modular solution designed to “bridge the gap between surgical and prosthetic workflows,” according to an earlier press release. The On1 Base connects to the implant during surgery and remains connected throughout the lifetime of the restoration. “Whenever you place the implant at time of surgery, you place the On1 Base, and from that moment on you are basically on tissue level, so the soft tissue can heal undisturbed,” notes Christian Ebener, Global Head of Product Management.

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Trefoil is a prefabricated framework that passively fits over three implants. The benefit is that it makes fixed, final, full-arch restorations possible on the day of surgery. Martin Gerlach, Senior Global Product Manager Implants at Nobel Biocare, demonstrated the mechanics behind the new Trefoil concept for the edentulous mandible. As the framework is adjustable, clinicians can compensate for any inaccuracy in the placement of the implants.

“The advantage of this system is that we do not have any temporary solution,” Gerlach says. “We want to offer more patients a fixed and screw-retained solution instead of a removable one.”

Also noteworthy was the joint announcement with KaVo Kerr of DTX Studio, an implant module that connects diagnostics and treatment, benefiting professionals in every capacity, from clinicians to technicians. DTX Studio offers diagnosis, design and treatment planning modules in an open system, making it easy to connect to KaVo imaging devices and import images from any X-ray or scanner.

“We have everything integrated into the software for diagnostics, treatment planning, and prosthetic design, so it’s everything in one suite,” says Lilibeth Brogna, Global Product Manager of Digital Workflows.

DTX Studio will be available in 2018.

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