Top 5 new product innovations and updates of 2013

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-12-01, Issue 12

Product upgrades and true product innovation isn’t easy to achieve, but these five offerings represent products that were able to reach the next level in 2013.

Product upgrades and true product innovation isn’t easy to achieve, but these five offerings represent products that were able to reach the next level in 2013.

1. PermaCem 2.0

Using both chemical and mechanical adhesion, PermaCem 2.0 permanent cement is said to provide an exceptionally strong bond to zirconium restorations. The dual-curing properties of the cement provide a strong bond across all substrates.

Formulated for easy clean-up, the optimized viscosity and no-drip formulation provide for fast and easy removal of excess, resulting in less stress and chair time for the clinician. As a single-step cement, it provides the added benefit of not requiring etching.

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2. iTero® imaging system

The iTero® imaging system is now available as a single hardware platform with software options for restorative and orthodontic procedures. The improved device has advanced optics and enhanced algorithms that are said to substantially increase the speed of capture to reduce overall scanning time.

The new scanning wand and fiber-optic cord are light and ergonomic. Additionally, full color model rendering is available that enables clinicians to show patients a life-like final model of their scanned dentition.

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3. Dentrix Ascend


With a fresh, new interface, Dentrix Ascend cloud-based practice management solution is said to pack the most advanced clinical, front office and business management capabilities into an easy and intuitive user experience.

Users gain the freedom to use whatever devices make sense for their practice-from PCs to iPads. It also provides a secure, Web-based architecture that gets better and smarter every time you log in. It provides instant access to the tools needed from any location, eliminating the need to buy and maintain hardware.

The solution is available for a monthly subscription.


4. NEVO Scanner and Design Center

The first scanner to use E4D’s blue laser technology, the E4D NEVO scanner offers high quality, powder-free image capture, plus exceptional video-rate speed and ease of use.

Blue laser technology provides the system with an improved ability to capture fine details, giving dental practitioners greater opportunity to offer their patients exact and accurate prosthetics. Other features include adjustable FOV, ergonomic design, removable tips for infection control, color-coded feedback to operator and more.

The center’s plug-and-play allows users to customize configurations, which streamlines practice-wide restorative workflows. A wireless connection provides added mobility, allowing practitioners to easily move the design center from operatory to operatory.

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5. Isovac

Designed to be well suited for dental practices seeking an enhanced isolation solution, the Isovac™ dental isolation adapter modifies a standard HVE hose to easily attach and fit any Isolite mouthpiece.

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