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Top 10 most-viewed new dental materials of 2013

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2013-12-01
Issue 12

This year, clicks are the criteria for gauging reader/user interest. These dental material launches are recognized for having the most views online.

This year, clicks are the criteria for gauging reader/user interest.

These dental material launches are recognized for having the most views online.

1. SDI Riva

BPA and HEMA-free, Riva Self Cure is a self-curing, chemically adhering, tooth remineralizing glass ionomer restorative material. It is formulated to be a durable dentin replacement, as well as have very high fluoride releasing and recharging abilities.

Each starter kit contains 10 regular viscosity capsules, 10 high viscosity capsules, an applicator gun, and Riva conditioner. Each kit is available in A1 or A2 and in fast or regular setting times. Additionally, each kit contains the powerful Applicator gun and Riva Conditioner.

800-228-5166 • sdi.com.au

2. Ultradent’s Peak Universal Bond

Peak Universal Bond is a 7.5% filled light cured resin well suited for direct and indirect bonding procedures. It is now available in a bottle delivery option. Providing optimal

bond strengths, it works with composite, metal, zirconia, porcelain repair, and post and core procedures. Peak Universal Bond contains Chlorhexidine, which helps ensure long term bond strengths.

It is said to work equally well with self- and total-etch techniques, meaning there’s no need for multiple agents to complete either technique. Units are available as a self- or total-etch kit or in single 1.2 mL refills.

800-552-5512 • ultradent.com

3. DENTSPLY Caulk’s TPH Spectra Universal Composite

TPH Spectra™ provides clinicians preferred composite handling without the aggravating techniques required to overcome handling obstacles associated with some marketed

composites. Whether you prefer a spreadable or packable handling,

TPH Spectra has your handling preference covered with TPH Spectra LV (Low Viscosity) and TPH Spectra HV (High Viscosity). The new shading system for TPH Spectra™ provides 7 VITA based shades that cover the entire VITA shade system. This reduction in shades allows you to carry fewer inventories in your office and be confident that the chameleon shading ability of the composite will blend it in to the surrounding tooth structure making the restoration indistinguishable.

800-532-2855 | tphspectra.com

4. Kerr Corporation’s NX3 XTR

The NX3 XTR cementation system blends the versatility of NX3 Nexus™ Third

Generation Universal Dental Cement with the optimal adhesion of OptiBond® XTR Self-Etch, Universal Dental Bonding. The result is said to be a new standard for permanent cementation of all esthetic materials with effortless removal, optimal color stability, high adhesion and minimal post-op sensitivity.

The kit includes one 5 mL clear dual-cure syringe; one 5 mL bottle of primer; and one 5 mL bottle of adhesive.

800-537-7123 • kerrdental.com

5. VITA Enamic

VITA ENAMIC® Hybrid CAD/CAM dental ceramic has a dual-network structure that is said to combine the best properties of ceramic and composite materials. The dominant

ceramic network structure and the reinforcing polymer network structure are fully merged with one another, similar to the way that steel reinforces concrete.

The ceramic offers high fracture load capacity, while also ensuring elasticity and integrated crack prevention. Less brittleness than a pure dental ceramic as well as abrasion properties superior to that of conventional composite, results in characteristics similar to those of natural dentition. It is resistant to the shear and compressive forces of the jaw and natural teeth, allowing the material to be used for a variety of applications.

800-828-3839 • vident.com

6. Visalys Temp

Visalys® Temp material is formulated to ensure stronger temporaries that are highly esthetic, more fracture-resistant and manufactured without BPA. The two-component

bisphenol A-free resin, based on a multifunctional acrylic composite, can be used to make highly esthetic temporary crowns, partial crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers including long-term provisionals.

The resulting provisional restorations are said to be remarkably stable and fracture resistant because of the material’s monomer structure.

877-532-2123 • kettenbach.com

7. GC FujiCEM 2

Powered by F2 Flex Fuse Technology, GC FujiCEM™ 2 resin modified glass ionomer

luting cement contains high-elastic cross-linking monomers with a modified filler-surface treatment that are said to increase strength properties. Indicated for a broad array of indirect restorations including all types of metal-, resin-, alumina- and zirconia-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges, it delivers superior bond strength while allowing clinicians to do more restorations in less time.

800-323-3386 • gcamerica.com

8. Opalite Spectrum

Opalite® Spectrum is described as three zirconia-based alternatives in one compatible system. Opalite® Basic is preferred for molars in full-contour zirconia crowns, precision

milled for perfect fit and easy seating.

Opalite® Plus is preferred for bicuspids and is porcelain facing fused to zirconia with basic anatomy characterization and internal and external staining. Opalite® Ultimate is preferred for anteriors and has an esthetic zirconia-based precision CAD/CAM milled Yttria stabilized core.

800-661-1169 • aurumgroup.com


9. Shofu’s Ceraresin Bond

Specifically designed to repair ceramic, porcelain, acrylic and C & B materials,

Ceraresin®Bond is said to reliably bond various restorative materials, including Ceramage® light-cured laboratory composite or Beautifil® Flow Plus light-cured resin composite.

The material is formulated to be moisture and thermal strain resistant. Kits of Ceraresin Bond boast a three-year shelf life and include 6 mL of Bond 1, 5 mL of Bond 2, 50 microbrushes, and five disposable V-dishes.

800-827-4638 • shofu.com

10. Bisco’s eCement

Designed for lithium disilicate restorations, eCEMENT kit features high-strength resin

cements formulated to provide better esthetics at the margin. eCEMENT offers a light-cure and dual-resin cement to ensure lithium disilicate restorations provide long-term retention of single or multiple restorations, as well as shade stability.

Additionally, the radiopaque cement offers easy placement of lithium disilicate veneers, onlays, crowns, three-unit bridges, inlays. eCement kits include resin cement, SELECT HV ETCH, ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL, PORCELAIN ETCHANT, and PORCELAIN PRIMER.

800-247-3368 • bisco.com

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