Top 10 Articles of 2012

Digital Esthetics, Dental Lab Products-2012-12-01, Issue 12

Here are the year's most-read articles from

Here are the year's most-read articles from

Gothic Arch Tracing
Arian Deutsch, CDT, on the creation of prostheses for fully edentulous cases requires an authentic replication of centric relation and vertical dimension.

2012 - The year ahead
Predictions from lab owners and industry leaders about industry trends in 2012. Were they right?

Medical device taxation and the dental lab
An older story reemerges: NADL Executive Director Bennett Napier discusses an excise tax to affect medical device manufacturers.

Lifelike results
G. Vermandé and Drs. M. Helfer and J.P. Louis demonstrate how Heraeus’ Mondial I denture teeth are manufactured for esthetics and durability.

Starting the conversation
With his Bam! Dental line of T-shirts and other gear, technician Jose Walter hopes to increase public awareness of the work done by dental technicians.

Temps with lasting looks
Luke S. Kahng on why creating esthetic long-term temporaries is key when helping to treat young people with congenitally missing laterals.

Start-to-finish systems
Systems with a scanner, software and a mill allow labs of all sizes to bring start-to-finish CAD/CAM capabilities in-house.

Simplifying the single central
Joshua Polanksy on how the use of digital photo editing can uncover the information needed to create a matching single central.

Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS e.max Press, Programat 5000 furnace changed everything at Creative Arts Dental Lab
Creative Arts Dental Lab owner Philip Munoz says the IPS e.max Press is a problem-free product.

A new class of CAD/CAM material
Dr. Daniel J. Poticny discusses 3M ESPE’s new Lava Ultimate Restorative, a resin nano ceramic that is fast, tough and easy to use.