TCS introduces new JP90 Handheld injector and flask

TCS has introduced new JP90 Handheld injector and flask for clasps, unilaterals and more.

TCS Dental, Inc. has introduced two new products designed to make injection work easier and more efficient.

The JP90 Handheld Injector and the JP90 Flask were designed to work in conjunction with the TCS Digital Furnace (or similar furnace) to inject thermoplastic clasps, unilaterals and up to five consecutive tooth saddle/partials.

The JP90 in detail

Using this hand-held injector completely eliminates the need to flask the case using the traditional method, saving you time and money. JP90 Bullets (cartridges) will be available in tcs® Unbreakable, iFlex and Blend (clear). The JP90 flask design can be used in several different ways to accommodate various types of cases. 

This device is patent pending and will be available for sale in May. For more information, visit or call 866-426-2970.