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Take patient communication and engagement to the next level with DEXIS go

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2013-06-01
Issue 6

Find out what the new companion app to the DEXIS Imaging Suite, DEXIS go, can do for your practice.

Find out what the new companion app to the DEXIS Imaging Suite, DEXIS go, can do for your practice.

In my practice, one of the most important goals is to offer excellent, comprehensive and technologically advanced dental care.

We want technology that helps us address patient concerns, ensures patients understand all of their options, and respects our patients’ schedules. DEXIS go helps us to accomplish all of these goals from anywhere in the office.

DEXIS go connects with my DEXIS® Imaging Suite software using the office Wi-Fi network and gives me the capability to display all images within a patient record on an iPad® or iPad® mini-including intra- and extraoral x-rays and photographs.

This application allows me, or my patients, to swipe through images and zoom in on areas of interest. One of the best aspects of DEXIS go is illustrated by its name-it lets me access the necessary information “on the go.”

Whether I am heading down the hall between operatories or handing the iPad to the patient in the treatment room or to a parent in the reception room, the information is literally in our own hands and at our fingertips. 

Close-up iPad with an enlarged image.

Improved patient education

Patients who see their radiographs on the iPad can view the clinical information that I am discussing in a highly visual way. When they comprehend the “whys” of treatment, they are more inclined to accept my treatment plan that will improve their dental health.

DEXIS go lets me interact with patients in a more face-to-face and side-by-side manner. A patient can see a cracked tooth on a lingual or palatal surface-usually only a dentist has that view. When I put the iPad in their hands, their eyes get bigger with the surprise and the knowledge that they are seeing “the real thing.”

Here are some of the steps to how DEXIS go works for me:

1. The DEXIS go app searches for all DEXIS patient files that are open on any of the workstations in the office, and I choose the patient’s name from the list. I now have the option of offering the iPad to the patient for a closer look.

2. The initial screen is set up in quadrants: Upper left is for intraoral x-rays, lower left is for extraoral x-rays, upper right displays intraoral photographs, and lower right is for extraoral photos.

Because the iPad is a popular device that many of my patients already use at home, they often already know how to “tap” and “swipe” to access their images. If they are not acquainted with this technology, they can still hold the iPad while I move through images.

3. DEXIS go is easy to navigate. Patients can tap to enlarge their images, and tapping the ClearVu™ icon enhances the large, vibrant image even more.

4. X-rays or photographs are beautiful and easy to see on the clear, glossy, high-resolution screen. I point out details on specific teeth and discuss treatment options in a conversational way, not with my side or my back to the patient, while I look on a monitor instead of at them.

Want more? Check out this video with Boaz Munnerlyn of DEXIS Digital X-Ray


Patients love it

I’ve had my DEXIS digital radiography system for nearly a decade. In my opinion, it is the biggest advancement for diagnostics and communication that we’ve implemented. I can document information before, during and after treatment, building the foundation for “evidence-based” dentistry that builds trust with the patient. Now, DEXIS go takes that one step further.

DEXIS go helps build a level of rapport with patients. Before, I needed to bring a parent or a caregiver of an older adult back to my operatory to show them images. Now, I can take my iPad to them, sit on a couch and discuss the treatment options. This not only streamlines my time, but also respects the patient’s tight schedule.

When I am crunched for time on a very busy day, or if the patient is looking at his or her watch, anxious to get back to work, having these digital images on DEXIS go saves time while not sacrificing privacy.

Besides helping patients to see what I see, having DEXIS go shows patients that I invest in technology that will benefit their dental health. Even though it is so easy to navigate, I am the high-tech guru in their eyes! While my DEXIS digital x-ray system was already an advantage in my operatories, DEXIS go is my office companion that’s always on the “go.” 

Dr. Christopher M. Anderson received his Bachelor of Science at Kennesaw State University and graduated from the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry. He is the recipient of awards of excellence in both prosthodontics and pediatric dentistry. Dr. Anderson is an avid member in local, regional and national organized dentistry, and is also an enthusiastic proponent of continuing education. He can be reached at info@dmdga.com.

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