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A Q&A with Steve Sheehan, Straumann's Vice President, Lab Business North America.

A Q&A with Steve Sheehan, Straumann's Vice President, Lab Business North America.

Q: The global dental landscape is undergoing a paradigm shift from analog to digital dentistry methods. How is Straumann positioned to support the laboratory with this change?

A: Straumann offers customers a choice of product and service solutions that are designed to accommodate the laboratory’s adapting needs during the transition to digital dentistry. Workflow connectivity is available with intraoral scanning, guided surgery, and CAD/CAM technology, so the lab owner can choose the level of involvement in digital dentistry that is best suited to his current laboratory set-up. If the lab starts out with just a single component, the additional pieces of the digital product portfolio are already in place to expand their capabilities in the future.

The validated workflow of the CARES CAD/CAM System 7.0 offers access to Straumann quality products and centralized milling, while the non-validated, external workflow lets customers use the material or milling center of their choice. For those labs still evaluating digital technology, we now offer laboratories access to a scan and design service for authentic Straumann customized abutments.

Q: Why is having both a validated and external workflow important?

A: It’s about delivering added value to the customer. Our research and customer feedback determined that users want choices when it comes to accessing digital processes. So, we set out to design a system that meets customers’ requirements. Also, cost is an important factor. Many laboratories cannot afford multiple investments in CAD/CAM systems and need a single system that can handle the majority of their casework. Because of the multiple workflow options, customers enjoy the full flexibility of turning on the Straumann system at the beginning of the day and using that same system regardless of what case appears on the doctor’s prescription form.

Straumann is recognized for its outstanding quality and precision. The validated workflow follows a controlled process that is designed to deliver reliable, customized implant-abutment and tooth-borne restorations for our customers. So while we also offer the customer a third party milling option through the external workflow, we believe our own validated workflow offers the customer the best choice for high-quality restorations.

Q: Multiple companies are pushing dental digital technology solutions. How does Straumann differentiate itself for its laboratory customers?

A: More than products, our goal is to be a leading service provider for dental labs through technical support, education, business development, and marketing.

Our technical support team delivers an unparalleled level of customer service. We have trained CDTs on-staff to answer questions on Straumann CARES. With permission, our team can remotely access the user’s PC and see exactly what is being designed in the software. Our CS2 Scanner has an internal camera, so we are also able to view die alignment inside the scanner if necessary.

Education is very much a driver of our digital solutions portfolio. An experienced representative sets up the scanner in the lab, and delivers a preliminary training session that day. As a next step, Straumann offers a complimentary 2-day education session to review in greater detail the applications and design tools within the software so the technician can start using the system to its full extent soon after purchase. Once that initial training has been completed, we offer education courses that are designed to offer a greater understanding of our products to simplify procedures for the entire treatment team.

Laboratories enjoy the brand association of working with a leading global dental implant company. Our specialized laboratory staff is committed to help drive business growth and marketing communications activities that can accelerate the lab’s success. In that regard Straumann is unique.


Customized Abutments
Technicians can use a full digital implant workflow for customized abutments through iTero® and Straumann. The technician has the option to import the digital impression scan and virtually design the customized abutment prior to receiving the milled model from iTero, expediting the workflow and digitizing the process.

Straumann delivers abutment solutions that are designed to be precise and indistinguishable from surrounding natural teeth. Our bone level abutments with the proprietary CrossFit® Connection and Consistent Emergence Profiles® are designed to provide a precise implant-abutment connection and facilitate soft tissue management for treatment predictability. Customized abutments for Straumann bone level and tissue level implant platforms are available in Zr02 and Ti materials. The Straumann Guarantee® is a limited warranty* covering ceramic abutments for 5 years and titanium abutments for 10 years, providing added confidence for long-term quality.

* Terms and Conditions apply.


Straumann’s precisely milled, high-quality prosthetics cover a leading range of materials and applications. The choice is yours: from polymer temporary bridges to 14-unit titanium frameworks to monolithic ceramic crowns, a diverse materials portfolio can meet your daily needs in the dental laboratory. New materials, such as 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Ultimate by Straumann® CARES®, place your laboratory at the cutting edge of material science and help position you as a leading advocate of new technologies within your referral network.

Centralized milling alleviates the burden of another capital investment and additional machine maintenance for your laboratory. At Straumann, we have the expertise of decades of Swiss-precision manufacturing to accurately mill your restorations.

Straumann CARES System 7.0

Straumann® CARES® System 7.0 offers users full flexibility to choose a workflow through a single system.  The validated workflow provides direct access to precise, high-quality Straumann materials and restorations through Straumann’s centralized milling facilities and pre-set design parameters. The external (open) workflow offers users full flexibility through open STL files to send data to the milling center of their choice for the material type of their choice.  

More than just CADCAM, the new Straumann CARES System 7.0 is an integrated prosthetic digital design software, incorporating intraoral scan data, guided surgery planning and CADCAM design within a single interface. Straumann’s software also includes a unique service feature that allows technicians to connect via the PC with our trained CDTs for technical support on cases. 

Onboarding marketing support and training programs will bring your laboratory up to speed with Straumann quickly and you’ll be confident you chose the right system to keep your lab competitive for years to come.

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