Featured Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent

Digital Esthetics, Dental Lab Products-2012-11-01, Issue 11

An inside look at lab products from Ivoclar Vivadent, including the IPS e.max Press, the SR Phonares II, the IvoBase System and the IPS InLine One.


IPS e.max Press

IPS e.max Press is a high-strength, lithium disilicate ceramic used for anterior and posterior restorations as well as anterior three-unit bridges.

IPS e.max Press can be overlaid with IPS e.max Ceram to optimize esthetics. This product received a 97% clinical rating from THE DENTAL ADVISOR. The evaluators also published a 5-year clinical performance report.

A full version is available at dentaladvisor.com, but here are some of the highlights:

» 97% of the IPS e.max Press restorations received a 5 or an excellent rating. The restorations were not only clinically acceptable but also of superior esthetic quality.

» Of the 381 restorations evaluated, 7 fractured and were replaced over the 5-year period. Only 1.5% of the restorations exhibited some chipping, and these were smoothed and polished. Less than 2% fractured and were replaced. This fracture rate is less than half the average fracture rate of ceramics documented by THE DENTAL ADVISOR over the past 27 years.

» The lack of marginal discoloration of the restoration was excellent in 96% of the cases.

» Only seven cases (1.5%) of post-operative sensitivity were reported by patients.






SR Phonares II

SR Phonares II sets a new standard in removable prosthetics with optimized shape, shade and strength. The latest scientific knowledge has been implemented in the development and production of Phonares II to create a truly innovative tooth line.

The existing range of 22 anterior tooth moulds has been extended to include two new mandibular anterior moulds, L54 and L55.  These new moulds provide greater setup options and deliver a more patient specific prosthesis.  

The shades of the Phonares teeth have been precision matched to the A-D shade guide and include all 16 A-D and 4 innovative bleach shades, thus extending the range of applications and ensuring a maximum level of accuracy for shade communication between the dental team.  

Additionally, the Nano Hybrid Composite material has been optimized to provide enhanced durability and esthetics. This newly pioneered composite technology incorporates inorganic micro fillers and silica based Nano fillers that deliver a new level of durability.  The hybrid makeup of these fillers promotes natural light transmission, ensuring optimal translucency, opalescence and fluorescence for outstanding esthetics.

IPS InLine One

Designed to maximize efficiency and esthetics, IPS InLine One is the one-layer metal-ceramic providing all-ceramic quality esthetics with one simple, easy-handling layer.


The IvoBase System consists of a fully automated continuous press injector and specially formulated pre-dosed acrylic. With a push-button operator interface, the IvoBase Injector delivers precision processed conventional and implant-retained dentures with nominal effort on the part of the technician.

During the processing cycle, polymerization shrinkage of the acrylic resin is compensated by IvoBase’s patented smart thermo-management technology. The result is a denture base with outstanding accuracy, density and strength.

The IvoBase denture base materials consist of PMMA-based auto-cured polymers, which combine the advantages of heat- and auto-cured resins. IvoBase is available in two pre-dosed versions: IvoBase Hybrid and IvoBase High Impact. IvoBase Hybrid is suitable for universal application in removable prosthetics. IvoBase High Impact is especially designed for high load-bearing dentures, for instance in implant-supported prosthetics.