Sonendo to Launch Second Generation CleanFlow Instrument


This advancement from Sonendo is said to simplify root canal treatments for clinicians and improve patient experiences by ensuring a secure and lasting seal across all teeth for root canal procedures.

Sonendo to Launch Second Generation CleanFlow Instrument. Image: © Sonendo

Sonendo to Launch Second Generation CleanFlow Instrument. Image: © Sonendo

GentleWave® developer Sonendo has announced the launch of its second generation CleanFlow™ procedure instrument. This updated release comes with an upgraded design and an enhanced matrix system, marking a significant leap forward in the efficacy and user-friendliness of the GentleWave Procedure, according to a press release from the company. The redesigned matrix is designed to not only streamline the root canal treatment process but also to ensure a secure and enduring seal that is said to guarantee consistency. Altogether, it aims to simplify the experience for both clinicians and patients. The notable improvement in design enables doctors to utilize a single procedure instrument for all teeth, streamlining their workflow and enhancing overall treatment efficiency.

Dr Luis Missura of Precision Endodontics expressed his enthusiasm in the press release, stating, “The CleanFlow Procedure Instrument with the new matrix has been unparalleled in consistency and ease of use. The GentleWave Procedure gives reliable, comfortable, uncompromising disinfection that yields some of the best clinical results I’ve seen.”

Last month, Sonendo announced a pivotal update, indicating that the CleanFlow Procedure Instrument is now approved for use on anterior teeth which will replace the legacy Anterior Pre-Molar Procedure Instrument. This, coupled with the latest matrix system and optimized design, emphasizes Sonendo’s mission to create quality, refined products that boost innovation. This mission and continuous investment in improving the experiences of both clinicians and patients benefits all, according to chief commercial officer of Sonendo Michael Smith.

“Our top priority is our partner clinicians and their patients, so we are pleased to announce further enhancements and the launch of our second generation CleanFlow Procedure instrument,” Smith says in the press release. “Our goal is to help clinicians navigate the challenges of root canal therapy and provide exceptional patient care. We are confident this optimized design and enhanced matrix is the final step towards our goal of simplifying our portfolio through one procedure instrument.”

The GentleWave System, recognized as the sole United States Food and Drug Administration-cleared system for root canal procedures, utilizes a sterilized, single-use procedure instrument. This enables the cleaning and disinfection inside of root canal, leading to safer, more effective procedures, per the press release. Because of the structure of the root canal, and all of the microscopic spaces that can house bacteria inside, it is crucial to ensure effective disinfection and cleaning. With the introduction of the second-generation CleanFlow Procedure Instrument, it becomes the sole instrument needed for the GentleWave System to treat all teeth.

The GentleWave System with CleanFlow Technology aims to be a game-changer for both clinicians and patients, by enabling 1-handed procedures. With this innovative instrument, clinicians are said to be able to boost the efficacy of their root canal procedures and achieve success for their patients by minimizing post-treatment pain and facilitating efficient healing of the site, according to Sonendo. To learn more about the CleanFlow Procedure instrument or the GentleWave System, dental professionals can visit the company's website for details.

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