Solve my problem: Simplifying digital impressions

The Planmeca Emerald™ encourages continuous scanning and improved patient comfort.

The problem: Intraoral scanners can be bulky and uncomfortable for patients

With digital impressions becoming more popular, many dentists are adding intraoral scanners to their practices. However, some of these scanners can be large and bulky, making it difficult for clinicians to take accurate scans and leading to an uncomfortable experience for the patient.

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The solution: Planmeca Emerald™

  • Planmeca Emerald™ is an ultra-lightweight, next-generation intraoral scanner that delivers flawless accuracy.

  • A compact, ergonomic design is said to provide patients with unparalleled patient comfort.

  • Single-handed, two-button operation is designed to offer superior control and encourage continuous scanning.

  • Engineered with advanced optics, the Planmeca Emerald produces vibrant, realistic digital impressions for full arch scanning for restorative dentistry, implantology, orthodontics and dental appliances.

  • Clinicians can send files to third parties without additional click fees or subscription fees.