Solve my problem: Scaling 3D printing production

Scaling production isn't easy, but here's why the Form Cell could be the solution to your problem.

The problem: Upscaling 3D printing

Upscaling your labs’ 3D printing production sounds like a great idea! In theory. But once you start looking into it, it just seems expensive and too complicated. You might start asking questions like how do I make this cost effective? Doesn’t more production mean that more can go wrong? What about labor costs? Will quality suffer?

All of this may lead to the ultimate question: Is it worth it?

The solution: Form Cell

  • Fully automating 3D printing with a solution like Form Cell, helps dental labs reduce the labor costs of scaling while boosting throughput, enabling cost-effective 24/7, lights-out manufacturing.

  • Form Cell is powered by Formlabs Form 2 3D printers, which have already been adopted by thousands of dental users. 

  • Form 2 3D printers are a trusted and vetted solution that have been used to print more than 1 million dental parts and completed more than 100,000 surgeries with Dental SG Resin.

  • By delivering a reliable and cost-effective platform for a traditionally expensive technology, Formlabs Form 2 printers have a 95 percent print success rate, building confidence in adoption of 3D printing for a wide range of dental applications, including models, surgical guides, splints and thermoformed aligners. 

  • Formlabs customers have seen a huge improvement in printing with Form 2 for high-quality, reliable, cost-effective and diverse material option prints, making the Form Cell a strong next step for scaling.