Solve My Problem: Easy, durable and delivers a great polish

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report October 2020, Volume 54, Issue 10

CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow from Kuraray Noritake is truly universal, reduces dental chair time and delivers optimal esthetics.

Information provided by Kuraray Noritake.

The Problem

Bubbles appear all too often when clinicians syringe flowable composites


Additionally, handling and sculpting can be difficult with some flowable composites.

The Solution


  • Designed with the best handling characteristics in mind. The shape and size of different fillers provide superior handling characteristics to the paste, which improves handling and sculpting
  • Unique handling properties make it a nonsticky composite. The syringe has a special proprietary, internal design which minimizes air bubbles while dispensing
  • Formulated for easy polishing, this material was developed by using special submicron fillers treated with a proprietary silane coating to make it easy to dispense and polish
  • A higher level of polishability can be achieved with a simple 10-20 second, one-step polishing technique that will produce a smooth surface. Clinically, smooth surfaces have a tendency to reduce plaque accumulation
  • The filler particles have been designed to produce optimum polish retention
  • The submicron fillers provide a high level of gloss; special cluster fillers bring a light diffusion property to the product. This helps composite restorations blend with tooth structure, thereby creating highly esthetic restorations
  • The high polishability, high mechanical strength and ease of handling make it easy to use with all cavity classifications

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