Solve my problem: Capture, design and collaborate for cost-effective restorations

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report March 2019, Volume 53, Issue 3

How the open architecture and open STL files of Planmeca Emerald™ and Planmeca PlanCAD® help more dentists collaborate for cost effective restorations.

The problem: CAD/CAM systems can be expensive

For the past several years, digital chairside CAD/CAM has been gaining popularity with more dentists. However, purchasing a full system can require a large financial investment that may be impractical for smaller offices or new practices.

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The solution: Planmeca Emerald™ and PlanCAD® design software

  • Planmeca Emerald with Planmeca PlanCAD software is a complete restorative design system built on an open architecture platform.

  • Planmeca products’ open architecture allows dentists to collaborate with external partners or integrate technology from other manufacturers.

  • Accuracy of the Planmeca Emerald eliminates the need for retakes and provides patients with a pleasant experience when taking impressions.

  • The speed of Planmeca Emerald and easy-to-use design software, Planmeca PlanCAD, create more efficient restorative workflows and more opportunities for increased office productivity.                                                          â€¨