What you missed at the 2019 Chicago Midwinter Meeting

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report March 2019
Volume 53
Issue 3

From new materials to updated software, this year's show was brimming with new product launches and announcements.

The Chicago Midwinter Meeting is an event dental professionals look forward to year after year. Hundreds of exhibitors and companies gather in the Windy City to showcase dozens of new products, technologies and innovations. As always, this year’s meeting didn’t disappoint.

From new materials to updated software, the show was brimming with new product launches and announcements.

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The following pages are filled with some of the latest products coming out of the 2019 Midwinter Meeting that you don’t want to miss.

Click through the slides to see the new products.


3M™ Chairside Zirconia

• 3M™ Chairside Zirconia is a new CAD/CAM zirconia block that’s optimized for the fast-sintering CEREC® SpeedFire Furnace.
• The block is said to offer an optimal blend of high strength and esthetics to go along with a fast sintering time of approximately 20 minutes for a thin-walled crown.
• For easy shade matching, the material is available in eight different shades and two block sizes designed for crowns and three-unit bridges to match the VITA® classical shades.
• Product will be available for sale in the U.S. on May 1, 2019.

800-634-2249  |  3M.com/chairsidezirconia

ProVecta 3D Prime

• The ProVecta 3D Prime, a new 3D/2D system from Air Techniques, is designed to generate a unique 130 mm x 85 mm jaw-shaped volume that encompasses all treatment areas without imaging nonrelevant anatomy.  
• A high-resolution CsI flat panel sensor is engineered to create brilliant high-quality 3D and 2D images.
• Anatomically adapted jaw-shaped 3D image includes all dentition, including third molars, with lower dose than smaller 80 x 80 mm volumes.

Air Techniques
800-AIR TECH  |  airtechniques.com

Pro-V® C&B

• Pro-V® C&B is a temporary crown and bridge material that’s said to quickly and easily create very durable and natural-looking restorations.
• Developed using a multifunctional acrylic composite, Pro-V C&B is engineered to create a temporary restoration that’s a superb mixture of strength, durability, flexibility and esthetics that emulates a natural tooth.
• It’s a self-curing material available in four essential shades.

800-247-3368  |  bisco.com


CS 3100

• Doctors now have a complete HD chairside workflow with the new CS 3100 milling system.
• Dentists can capture digital impressions directly using the CS 3600 intraoral scanner or create conventional impressions and digitize them with a CBCT system.
• Users can proceed with state-of-the-art intuitive restorative design via exocad ChairsideCAD software before sending to the CS 3100 to mill accurate and durable full-contour crowns, full-contour bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers - in as little as one hour.

Carestream Dental
800-944-6365  |  carestreamdental.com

AbsoLute™ Universal Resin Cement

• AbsoLute™ Universal Resin Cement is a self-etching, self-adhesive, dual-cure material for all daily cementation needs.
• It’s designed to make final cementation of today’s restorations easier, faster and longer lived, providing superior physical properties while eliminating all the extra steps of traditional luting cements.
• AbsoLute is available in three shades (translucent, opaque and universal) to match your patients’ needs.

800-235-5862  |  centrixdental.com

New Colgate Total®SF

• New Colgate Total®SF contains a stannous fluoride formula stabilized with zinc phosphate that reportedly fights plaque-causing bacteria on 100 percent of mouth surfaces, including the teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums.
• Colgate TotalSF is said to effectively fight harmful bacteria while protecting against bacterial repopulation, significantly reducing the overall bacterial load while creating a protective barrier that helps to shield against attachment and regrowth.

800-468-6502  |  colgatepalmolive.com



BioSonic® UC150

• Equipped with a multilingual, user-friendly touchscreen, the BioSonic® UC150 is a quiet, compact, 1.5-gallon ultrasonic cleaner that can be placed on a countertop or recessed.
• It’s said to offer customizable settings, a degas function, optional heating, quick/easy draining and an exclusive USB interface for easy downloading of cleaning data.

800-221-3046  |  coltene.com


• BRILLIANT Crios is a reinforced composite bloc for permanent restorations.
• The material reportedly combines all the advantages of an innovative submicron hybrid composite material with those of a CAD/CAM fabrication process for reliable, esthetic and fast restorations without a separate firing process.
• Consistently controlled fabrication with constant thermal curing is said to give the reinforced composite excellent mechanical properties.

800-221-3046  |  coltene.com

RapidHeat™ Pro11 Sterilizer

• The RapidHeat™ Pro11 Sterilizer reportedly provides complete (12-log kill) sterilization of instruments in as little as six minutes.
• Since there’s no steam or drying cycle with HVHA sterilization, the potential for instrument pitting and corrosion is said to be eliminated.
• Using four large trays - compared to the maximum of two large trays used by comparable steam units - and with “start-to-finish” 20-minute cycles for wrapped instruments, the Pro11 Sterilizer is designed to have a greater effective capacity. 

800-828-6011  |  cpac.com


Crest Gum and Sensitivity toothpaste

• Crest Gum and Sensitivity toothpaste is said to provide clinically proven healthier gums and sensitivity relief, allowing you to enjoy the foods and drinks you love.
• It’s formulated with stannous fluoride to start working immediately and to reportedly relieve sensitivity pain within days.
• The toothpaste is designed to occlude exposed tubules to provide relief from sensitivity and create a layer of protection to shield exposed dentin.

800-492-7378  |  crest.com/en-us

Shade Wand

• This new and improved shade matching light is a handheld, rechargeable LED light that’s engineered to bring the perfect light to the patient’s mouth.
• The 9-inch Shade Wand uses a 5500 kelvin LED light source that generates the proper amount of light at the patient’s mouth.
• It’s designed to offer three different light settings and is constructed with quality components to ensure a long life.

Dental Creations, Ltd.
254-772-4661  |  dentalcreationsltd.com

RAMVAC® master water control valve

• The RAMVAC® master water control valve from DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions is designed to filter and control the water supply line into the office, making it easy to shut off the water supply to the suite and safeguard against leaks.
• For use on new or existing installations, with a reduced footprint and easy shut-off valve.
• The valve uses an integrated LED filter timer with reset functionality.

DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions
866-DTE-INFO  |  dentalez.com




• DryShield is an all-in-one, fully autoclavable isolation system, designed by a dentist for dentists, to simplify dental procedures while increasing patient comfort and experience.
• DryShield is said to combine the tasks of a high-suction evacuator, saliva ejector, bite block, tongue shield and oral pathway protector - all in one easy-to-use system.
• The DryShield mouthpieces come in five sizes, with interchangeable bite blocks that are designed to enable a perfect fit for mouths of all sizes.

888-379-0300  |  dryshield.com

Perfactory P4K Series

• The Perfactory P4K Series is said to be the only DLP-based 3D printer utilizing a true 4K projector with UV optics tuned to 385 nm wavelength.
• As the next generation of EnvisionTEC’s best-selling flagship Perfactory line, the P4K Series reportedly delivers the highest accuracy coupled with the highest finished product functionality.
• Utilizing artificial intelligence in pixel tuning to deliver extremely high-quality surface finish, the P4K is engineered to deliver next-generation advanced DLP technology in 3D printing the highest accuracy parts.

313-436-4300  |  envisiontec.com

Envision One cDLM Dental

• The Envision One cDLM Dental is a 3D printing solution designed to take you from beginner to expert in a single machine.
• A build envelope of 180 x 101 x 85 mm is said to provide room for high-volume production at amazing speeds.
• EnvisionTEC’s patented cDLM (Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing) technology eliminates separation forces, reportedly allowing the Envision One to print six average orthodontic full-arch models flat on the build plate, with no supports needed, in just 15 minutes.

313-436-4300  |  envisiontec.com



Digital Dentures

• Tested with dental technicians, Denture Base Resin and Denture Teeth Resin, printed on the Form 2 3D printer, are said to allow dental labs and practices to produce fully 3D printed dentures, providing a more consistent workflow with fewer steps and less variability.
• Material costs are reportedly around $10 per part for a complete denture, compared to $50 using traditional denture cards and acrylic.

617-702-8476  |  formlabs.com

G-ænial™ Universal Injectable and G-ænial™ BULK Injectable

• G-ænial™ Universal Injectable and G-ænial™ BULK Injectable are high-strength, ultra-fine particle composites with ideal viscosity, handling and adaptation characteristics.
• The homogeneously dispersed, ultra-fine particle formulas reportedly provide high flexural strength and wear resistance for durable, long-lasting restorations that retain their gloss for many years after placement.

GC America
800-323-7063  |  gcamerica.com

GC Fuji® Automix LC

• GC Fuji® Automix LC is a radiopaque resin-reinforced glass ionomer available in automix delivery.
• This delivery system is said to make GC Fuji Automix LC the perfect glass ionomer for dentists who either don’t keep capsule mixers in their office, don’t use glass ionomers because of capsule delivery, or prefer injectable restoratives.
• It’s a bioactive material with high, rechargeable fluoride release.

GC America
800-323-7063  |  gcamerica.com



GC Initial® LiSi Press

• GC Initial® LiSi Press is reportedly the first lithium disilicate ceramic ingot with High Density Micronization (HDM), a technology unique to GC that’s said to provide exceptional physical properties and very natural, lifelike esthetics.
• The exceptional strength and amazing esthetics make it suitable for ultra-thin veneers as well as single-tooth restorations and small bridges, in both anterior and posterior cases.

GC America
800-323-7063  |  gcamerica.com


• New technology from Glidewell Dental is said to enhance the way that users of the glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution design and create in-office restorations.
• fastdesign.io™, the system’s proprietary software, reportedly provides practitioners with easy, flexible tools to design and deliver same-visit crowns in the office.
• The latest release of fastdesign.io utilizes cutting-edge machine learning technology, creating proposals from scratch for each case by comparing information from the patient scan against Glidewell’s data repository.

Glidewell Laboratories
800-854-7256  |  glidewelldental.com

AirClean™ implant maintenance system

• The AirClean™ system easily attaches to an existing handpiece line, is controlled by a chairside foot pedal, and is designed to allow the user to deliver 30-micron glycine powder evenly and accurately.
• The glycine formulation is said to be powerful on biofilm yet gentle on all implant surfaces, and it can reportedly be used to treat or prevent peri-implantitis.
• The AirClean tip design reportedly allows users to remove biofilm in sub- and supragingival areas faster.

ids (integrated dental systems)
866-277-5662  |  idsimplants.com


OptiBond™ eXTRa Universal system

• With one bottle built to prime and the other focused solely on adhesion, the new OptiBond™ eXTRa Universal system is said to ensure best-in-class strength and universal compatibility.
• Regardless of the cement type, composite, or core build-up material, this two-component, self-etch system is designed to deliver more reliability, less application sensitivity and one simple protocol.

KaVo Kerr
800-KAVO-KERR  |  kavokerr.com


• Enamelite is designed to consistently provide a smooth, translucent glaze for any type of porcelain restoration and finish in a single firing.
• It provides a strong, even finish that reportedly mimics natural tooth surfaces, resists plaque and prevents restoration wear in the future.
• The aerosol application process makes sure the surface is even, with reportedly less pooling and better coverage than traditional glazes.

Keystone Industries
800-333-3131  |  dental.keystoneindustries.com

Komet and Bien-Air partnership

• Komet USA announces a new partnership with Bien-Air Medical Technologies.
• The new Bien-Air TORNADO X turbine is an air-driven handpiece engineered for reliable performance and precise results.
• Pair it with the Komet Deep Purple™ Diamonds for reportedly effortless and efficient crown preparation.

Komet USA
888-566-3887  |  kometusa.com


cara Scan 4.0

• cara Scan 4.0 is an easy-to-use, high-performance, dual-axis model and impression scanner that’s designed to fit into every space thanks to its small dimensions and low weight.
• The highly precise tabletop unit is engineered to measure with an accuracy of 15 microns in a fully automatic scanning procedure and offer a range of scanning strategies.

800-431-1785  |  kulzerus.com

Pala Design Studio

• Pala Design Studio is said to be the first web-based denture design software.
• Developed by the experts at Kulzer and DENTCA, this online service is engineered to allow dental laboratories to design cases for 3D printed or milled formats in a simple and efficient way. So efficient, in fact, that you’ll reportedly be able to design a case in 10-20 minutes and have the final STL file rendered in less than an hour.
• With Pala Design Studio, multiple technicians can design cases simultaneously.

800-431-1785  |  kulzerus.com

Planmeca Creo™ C5

• Planmeca Creo™ C5 is custom engineered for dental professionals and specified for use in high-speed printing of surgical guides and dental models.
• The capabilities of this revolutionary high-speed printer are said to include: a surgical guide or a dental model in less than 15 minutes and printing up to five full-arch dental models in one print.

630-529-2300  |  planmeca.com/na



Traxodent® hemodent paste and retraction system

• Award-winning Traxodent® is said to be the No. 1 choice among dental professionals because it works fast, helps to capture accurate impressions and rinses away quickly.
• Use it alone, with cord, or a retraction cap for greater gingival deflection.
• Traxodent is designed to not irritate or discolor surrounding tissue.

Premier Dental Products Company
888-773-6872  |  premierdentalco.com


• Designed for both dedicated labs and in-clinic labs, the advanced yet easy-to-use DWX-42W incorporates improvements to the original DGSHAPE DWX wet milling platform for reportedly even greater overall performance.
• The “intelligent” DWX-42W is said to boast increased Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) capacity with six stations, ethernet connectivity, new grinding burs, a newly engineered DGSHAPE spindle (patent pending) and more.

Roland DGA
800-542-2307  |  rolanddga.com

Sidekick Master

• Sidekick Master is a box of implant drivers and a new Universal Torque Wrench said to be compatible with the most popular implant systems on the market.
• A smart clipping mechanism is engineered to allow clinicians to quickly assemble/disassemble the driver’s tip and head.
• The set includes nine different implant models in three different lengths.

Smile Line USA
877-755-6868  |  smilelineusa.com




• STELLAR DC Acrylic is a revolutionary, dual-cure PMMA pick-up and conversion resin that’s said to have amazing cure speed and unsurpassed durability over any other pick-up resin used for All-on-X denture pick-ups and conversions. Great for Locator pick-ups, verification jigs and more.
• Failures of other resins can affect profit, patient and doctor confidence, and predictable outcomes, but with STELLAR DC Acrylic, the material won’t fracture throughout the healing phase when used as directed.
• It can reportedly speed up the pick-up and conversion time by more than 30 minutes.

TAUB Products
800-828-2634  |  taubdental.com


• OMNICHROMA is said to be the first universal composite that matches every patient’s tooth shade from A1 to D4 with a single shade of composite.
•  OMNICHROMA’s innovative technology utilizes structural color to match every tooth shade.
• The material is said to save doctors time and money by removing the need for shade selecting and eliminating the need to keep excess product for incidental shades.

Tokuyama Dental America
877-378-3548  |  OMNICHROMA.com/us

Ultrapro Tx Air Handpiece

• The Ultrapro Tx Air Handpiece’s lightweight, aluminum, ergonomic design, along with its soft-start, vibration-free motor, is said to reduce hand and wrist fatigue and splatter.
• The handpiece is designed to safely perform prophylaxis by reducing friction and heat when polishing, allowing it to clean effectively while protecting the enamel.
• Its universal e-type motor can be used with other attachments and nose cones as well as all disposable prophy angles for convenience.

Ultradent Products
800-552-5512  |  ultradent.com


Waterpik® Sonic-Fusion®

• Waterpik® Sonic-Fusion® is said to be the world’s first and only flossing toothbrush.
• Sonic-Fusion allows patients to brush and floss at the same time, and it’s reportedly clinically proven to be twice as effective as traditional brushing and flossing.
• It’s designed to thoroughly clean the surface of the teeth, while the water flosser in the center of the brush head cleans between teeth and below the gumline where toothbrush bristles can’t reach.

800-525-2020  |  waterpik.com

XLDent and Mango Voice

• XLDent has partnered with Mango Voice to offer the best in time-saving and cost-effective features to make practices run better.
• This solution is designed for practices of any size and is said to help dentists easily manage one location or connect multiple locations seamlessly.
• When paired with XLDent practice management software, smart caller ID is designed to  automatically retrieve patient information, and outgoing calls are easily made with one click.

800-328-2925  |  xldent.com

Isolation360™ Power Pack

• Isolation360™ Power Pack is said to be the ultimate trial kit, with all seven of Zirc’s isolation devices included, giving dental teams a chance to try them all.
• Isolation360 is designed to simplify isolation while helping your team to be efficient.

800-328-3899  |  zirc.com


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