Solve My Problem: An elastic, yet durable adhesive cement

September 30, 2020
Kristin Hohman

Kristin Hohman serves as Associate Editor for DPR.

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report October 2020, Volume 54, Issue 10

Bifix QM from VOCO is a dual-cure cement system that offers a reliable bond without the hassles of traditional cleanup.

The Problem

Cleaning up traditional resin-based adhesive cements is time-consuming and messy

Plus, traditional cements set too quickly, forcing clinicians to rush through their process.

The Solution

Bifix QM

  • Long elastic gel-phase assures the material does not slump, giving users added time without rushing
  • Tack cure to achieve desirable elastic gel phase more quickly for easy removal and clean-up of excess cement
  • Dual-cure permits determination of the speed of work and self-curing guarantees complete polymerization of the material
  • Low film thickness of less than 10 microns saves occlusal adjustment time
  • Universal adhesive cement, suitable for nonmetal and metal restorations
  • High adhesion to dentin and enamel through Futurabond DC/NR/U
  • Excellent adhesion to metals is achieved by the special polyfunctional monomer structure
  • Offers high wear resistance for esthetics and longevity
  • Low water uptake avoids shade shifting and bond failures

*Futurabond DC also available in SingleDose blister packs

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