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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report November 2019
Volume 53
Issue 11

When Dr. Ron Kaminer, a general and cosmetic dentist in Hewlett, New York, first thought about imaging options for his practice, he knew he needed something efficient, quick and simple that provided both high-quality images and maximum patient comfort. He wanted to minimize radiation exposure time and eliminate the hassle of stocking

Dr. Ron Kaminer

Dr. Rom Kaminer, DDS

processing solutions and supplies. After weighing his options, Dr. Kaminer settled on PSP (Phosphor Storage Plates) digital radiography.

“PSPs act like traditional X-rays in that they are comfortable and easy to place in the Rinn/ XCP,” Dr. Kaminer says. “They are way better than traditional radiographs in that they require far less radiation, image quality is great and there are no chemicals to dip in to.”

It was with this in mind that Dr. Kaminer invested in a ScanX Duo digital radiography system from Air Techniques. The Duo, a chairside two-track system capable of reading images from two PSPs simultaneously, provided Dr. Kaminer with greater diagnostic capabilities, thanks to the impressive image quality-up to 20 lp/mm true resolution with a 100-percent-active diagnostic area, available in just seconds.

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“Not only do you get clear images, but there’s no learning curve from traditional X-rays,” Dr. Kaminer explains. “ScanX is easy to use-and it was very easy to integrate. We did just one short training session and the staff was ready to go.”

Imaging convenience

This easy integration is aided by the fact that once ScanX is installed, it works with any existing X-ray system-while also eliminating the headache of film-processor maintenance and messy chemicals. Dr. Kaminer was so impressed with the system, he also invested in the ScanX Swift, a smaller one-track system he put in several of his operatories.

“It was just so easy to integrate into our workflow,” Dr. Kaminer says. “An FMX comes out quickly and a single image appears with the Swift in seconds.”

The benefits of the ScanX systems extend to the patient as well because ScanX PSPs are 30 times thinner than wired sensors, and are flexible with rounded corners. Due to these features, “these phosphor plates allow for maximum patient comfort,” Dr. Kaminer says. 

Business sense

It was also a good move for his practice financially.

“The investment for a whole practice is far less than if you went with sensors,” Dr. Kaminer explains. “Maintenance is negligible and there are virtually no repairs.”

Dr. Kaminer also likes that replacement plates are rarely necessary, thanks to the durability of the PSPs that can be used hundreds of times. And, even in the off chance a plate does get damaged, Dr. Kaminer isn’t concerned: “If a plate gets scratched, you just throw it out since it is so inexpensive to replace,” he says.

All of this has combined to make Dr. Kaminer a loyal ScanX user for more than 10 years.

“Air Techniques is a phenomenal company dedicated to outstanding imaging. They are always reinventing the technology to keep up with the times and ScanX is no different,” Dr. Kaminer says. “They think about the workflow and understand that anything that negatively impacts workflow will not be accepted in the office.”

“The ScanX unit is really outstanding,” he continues. “I don’t think there are any drawbacks to the current system.” 

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