Roland DGA brings cost-effectiveness to milling with the DWX-4 [VIDEO]

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Roland DGA Corp. has announced an expansion of it DWX series of dental CAD/CAM milling machines with a new model, the DWX-4.

Roland DGA Corp. has announced an expansion of it DWX series of dental CAD/CAM milling machines with a new model, the DWX-4.

Affordably priced, the DWX-4 reportedly provides dental labs with precise milling capabilities, exceptional ease of use, bundled CAM software and a compact, desktop footprint.

“Like the award-winning DWX-50, the new DWX-4 compact dental mill is capable of milling a wide variety of materials with reliable precision,” said Brian Brooks, product manager for Roland DGA Corp. “Its affordable price point and ease of use make the DWX-4 ideal for any lab just getting started in digital dentistry, or those labs with scanners who no longer wish to outsource production. It is also the perfect addition to labs that need a second device for urgent jobs. With the DWX-4, these labs can mill a single crown or bridge on demand without tying up their larger production mills.”

Measuring 13 inches by 14 inches and 16 inches high, the DWX-4 was designed to combine a small footprint with easy operation that allows even first-time users of a digital milling machine to achieve professional results.


The DWX-4 was engineered to function with a simple workflow. After installing the material and milling tools in the machine, lab technicians use Roland¹s intuitive Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) to configure settings from a computer workstation. An automatic calibration feature calibrates the mill at the touch of a button. Then, VPanel automatically sends milling data to the DWX-4 to begin production.

With a four-axis configuration that includes three axes (XYZ) and a rotary axis, the DWX-4 features an automatic tool changer (ATC) that changes milling tools as needed without interrupting the production process. Prosthetic parts such as crowns and bridges can be produced using standard block and pin-type dental materials, including zirconia, PMMA and wax.

An open-architecture system, the DWX-4 comes complete with its own CAM software and also works with commercially available CAD/CAM software for a seamless integration into an existing workflow. Several features ensure excellent performance, including a status light that displays the progress of each job, and a tool-life management system that monitors tool usage and automatically notifies the user when a tool replacement is needed.  

An air blower prevents dust buildup, and a negative ion generator reduces static electricity when milling PMMA. The DWX-4 also features an automatic diagnostic system that sends users an e-mail notification when an error occurs or when a job is completed. The DWX-4 also offers multicast capabilities, which allow users to connect up to four DWX-4s to a single computer.

Priced at $17,995, the DWX-4 is available from Roland authorized dealers. For more information, including where to purchase, please visit or call (800) 542-2307.

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