Progressive Dental Supply Introduces Second Order Bend Instruments

Orthodontic appliance company Progressive Dental Supplies has introduced its newest set of instruments, Second Order Bend Pliers Set. The Second Order Bend Set of instruments were prototyped with the dental professional in mind to effectively complete the crucial finishing stage with precise case refinements.

Keeping the archwire bending intraorally near the bracketed teeth eliminates the need to remove the archwire to make the bend, which helps eliminate common bending errors. Designed by Progressive Orthodontic Seminars head instructor, Dr David Dana exclusively for Progressive Dental Supplies, the set includes 4 stainless steel instruments with unique bending beaks. Two one-sided step pliers accomplish 8 bends each (4 on each arch). Two “Z” bend pliers are capable of 4 bends each (1 per quadrant).

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