Practice comfortably, efficiently all day long with the GENTLEpower 25LPR electric handpiece

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-01-01, Issue 1

Hear more about KaVo and the GENTLEpower 25LPR electric handpiece directly from the company's Product Manager, William Irwin.

Hear more about KaVo and the GENTLEpower 25LPR electric handpiece directly from the company's Product Manager, William Irwin.

Q: What is the most frequent question or concern you hear from dental professionals about this category?

A: In the context of electrics, there are  a lot of concerns that electric handpieces are too heavy and difficult to maintain. Historically, motors were heavy and bulky, which would cause the dentist significant fatigue over a full day’s use. The maintenance required to keep the motor in optimal condition seemed complicated and time consuming.

Q: How does your company and your product specifically, seek to answer that question or meet that need?
A: To meet the heavy/bulky complaint, KaVo’s German engineering team developed the KL703 short motor, which weighs 30% less and is 25% shorter than the other leading option for electric motors. With this shorter, lighter motor, we are able to get doctors close to the feel of an air driven handpiece. Combined with the GENTLEpower 25LPR, the doctor can practice comfortably
and efficiently all day long.

On the maintenance front, the answer is QUATTROcare Plus. It takes the guess work out of maintaining electric attachments.


Part of the KaVo Master Series, the GENTLEpower 25 LPR offers one of-a-kind handling and optimal hygiene through novel KaVo Plasmatec coating. Its proprietary angel combination features a head angle of 100° and knee angle of 19° - like the GENTLEsilence 6500BR - for more space and freedom of work. Its optical waveguide features 25,000 lux. Additional features include a flexible catch, stainless steel INTRAmatic connection, triple gear system for power and quiet, low-vibration operation. Its three nozzle spray provides optimal cooling at the preparation site, and the changeable microfilter and ceramic ball bearing help ensure a longer life for the handpiece. To go with the 25 LPR, KaVo offers one of the finest brushless motor system ever developed : the ELECTROtorque TLC with KL703 short motor. The system features exciting and innovative features like MULTI LED, automatic calibration, SAFEdrive and Endo Functionality.

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Q: What about this product category do you think helps the dentist practice better clinical dentistry?
A: There are several major benefits. The first is performance. Electric handpieces are very powerful, and they’re able to offer constant speed and torque, which improves efficiency and time per procedure. With increased power and constant speed, many dentists are making better preparations, leading to less rework down the road. Second, electric handpieces are very quiet and virtually vibration free. KaVo’s electrics run at 55 decibels-about the level of a normal conversation.

The 25LPR features the triple gear system, which reduces the vibration even more. The real benefit is greater patient and dentist comfort.

Lastly, electrics offer significant versatility. The doctor can perform a range of different procedures using the highspeed, lowspeed, and specialty functions of a single motor.

Q: How is your company or product leading the way for innovation in this category?
A: KaVo has a long history of commitment to quality, performance and innovation. This is evident in the products we bring to market: the KL703 short motor, launched in 2012; the COMFORTdrive launched in 2009; and, the only risk-free trial program of its kind. We allow dental professionals to try our products for a week so that they can experience the difference and see the KaVo quality first-hand. KaVo is the best at the right price.