4 handpiece and small equipment tips to always keep in mind

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-01-01, Issue 1

KaVo offers its handpiece experience with these four tips to always consider.

KaVo offers its handpiece experience with these four tips to always consider.


KaVo has over 100 years of experience making handpieces and small equipment. With more than 2,200 patents, KaVo has helped pave the way for advances in technology, including: the first sterilizable handpiece, the first quick-release coupling still used today, the first to put light at the head of the handpiece, the first to introduce a caries detection solution, and the first to introduce a risk-free product trial program in trykavo.com.


When purchasing a handpiece, know that KaVo has different options to meet the doctor’s needs in both electric and air categories. The collections feature differing performance features at a price that is right for you. Whether you are a performance seeker or look for comfort and ergonomics in your practice, KaVo has a collection that fits your needs.


KaVo strives to design and manufacture high quality products. Continuous improvement helps us achieve higher levels of quality every day, and this dedication offers customers an experience which far surpasses their expectations. Our renowned and professional sales force is here to help determine which products represent the best value.


KaVo’s commitment to innovation for the betterment of your practice drives us every day. It is our passion for quality that fuels our steady growth and world-wide recognition. You can see the outcome in our revolutionary new products, such as the GENTLEsilence 6500BR, KL703 Short Motor, and GENTLEpower 25LPR. We believe these products-and our entire portfolio-are the best in the industry and we encourage you to experience KaVo for yourself.

This information was provided by KaVo as part of its ongoing effort to provide quality information to dental professionals regarding handpieces, and as part of its commitment as the sponsor of our January handpiece feature.