Planmeca introduces the new Viso X-ray unit


The next-generation CBCT unit is designed to capture outstanding images at a low patient dose.

Introducing unique patient positioning, free FOV adjustments and intelligent patient movement correction, the new Planmeca Viso X-ray unit is said to be the next step forward in the evolution of cone beam imaging. It will reportedly elevate expectations of what premium CBCT units are capable of.

Planmeca Viso is a next-generation CBCT unit designed to capture outstanding images at a low patient dose even during longer working days. With high image quality, exceptional durability, and the Planmeca Ultra Low Doseimaging option, Planmeca Viso is said to have all the qualities of a premium CBCT unit-and more.  

“When we started this project, our goal was to create a CBCT unit that would offer a fluent workflow and adaptability for different patient sizes and indications-not to mention uncompromised image quality even at the lowest doses,” states Timo Müller, vice president of Planmeca’s X-ray division. “I am happy to say that we have achieved this goal and in fact exceeded it.”

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The new unit is engineered to offer a renewed imaging workflow. From innovative patient positioning to intelligent FOV adjustments, Planmeca Viso reportedly elevates the imaging experience to an entirely new level.

Patient positioning is designed to be done directly from the unit’s control panel utilizing integrated cameras and a live video view. The operator of the unit can reporteldy see the patient live from the control panel screen for flexible and exact positioning.

This new innovation is said to also allow users to do FOV adjustments directly from the live control panel view. The process is engineered to be straightforward and easy to comprehend as the volume can be placed freely and its appropriate size determined. The control panel of the unit can also be accessed directly from the imaging workstation.

There will reportedly be no need for retakes as the new iterative Planmeca CALM algorithm for patient movement correction ensures successful results every time. It is excellent when imaging more lively patients and can be selected either preventively before imaging or afterward to achieve reliable results. Planmeca Viso’s new imaging arm design is also designed to provide increased patient space and shorter acquisition times.

With a large 25x30 cm flat panel sensor, single scans covering the entire maxillofacial area can reportedly now be acquired without the need for stitching.

Additionally, the new unit is said to introduce a new way of capturing three-dimensional Planmeca ProFace® facial photos. Equipped with a new head support and four integrated cameras aimed at the patient from different directions, ProFace photos are said to cover a larger area than before with enhanced image quality.

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