Partners Kulzer and DENTCA announce first web-based denture design software

Design platform is said to save time and improve accuracy.

A web-based denture design platform will allow dental labs and clinicians to design a denture online using digital Mondial and Mondial i teeth, download the design files and print the denture.

Launched by Kulzer, a global leader in dental materials, together with DENTCA, pioneers in computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) dentures, the new venture is reported to save time and improve accuracy. Dental practices, labs and patients will all benefit from this software.

Pala Design Studio, Kulzer’s new design program is said to allow lab technicians to construct a denture case in under 20 minutes and reduce patient visits from five to two. Pala Design Studio generates digital denture designs as STL files, which are the standard format for 3D technology.

Pala Design Studio ‘s digitally designed and printed dentures are reported to be more accurate than those produced conventionally, and Kulzer’s cara Print 4.0 3D printer yields smoother, more homogeneous surfaces than other 3D printers.The cara Print 4.0’s exceptional precision in the z-axis and the finely tuned parameters for each material will allow dental professionals to position appliances in almost any direction and achieve the perfect fit.

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Pala Design Studio’s said advantages over other denture design platforms:

• Faster web-based design process with pay-per-download fee structure   

• Simpler design process and available as a diagnostic tool

• Multiple cases can be designed at the same time

• No software to install

• Portability - designs are stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere

• No extra module needed to use impressions

• No dongle necessary

• Design supervisors can have access to all designs for a lab from anywhere

• Ease-of-use - teeth placement is more intuitive, less manipulation is required after the automatic placement, and adjustments are more user-friendly and natural-looking

Kulzer’s denture design platform, powered by DENTCA is the most recent addition to Kulzer’s complete digital workflow for denture production.

In the future, it will also be used for milling dentures, all-on-4 design, splint and night-guard design and has thepotential to be used in orthodontics.

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