A more portable way to cure


Dental Lab Products looks at the features and advantages offered by the metalight handheld curing light from primotec USA.

Primotec’s curing light, metalight, has a new handheld model designed to increase flexibility and ease of use in the dental lab.

The handheld version, like other metalight options, was specifically developed to cure all primotec materials, including metacon light-cured wax, primopattern light-cured universal modeling resin, primosplint composite material for night guards, primobase light-cured base plate material and primotray custom impression tray material.

To allow for long working times, primotec light-cured materials cure at a very low wavelength that does not cure under normal florescent lab lights. Additionally, the materials are engineered to provide distortion-free curing due to constantly low polymerization temperature.

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The metalight handheld cures from 380-420nm and is also designed to cure many other light-cured materials on the market. The handheld light also comes with a two-year warranty (excluding bulbs).      

The handpiece for the handheld Metalight.


  • Distortion-free curing due to constantly low polymerization temperature

  • Cooling system with fine dust filter

  • Comfortable, portable and easy to use

  • UV filters allow direct observation of the light curing process

  • Features two-year warranty (excluding bulbs)     

For more information, contact primotec USA by calling 866-643-3129, by visiting primotecusa.com or by emailing info@primotecusa.com.