Introducing a new modern dental mill

The PrograMill One is said to combine industrial manufacturing quality with a modern design.

The PrograMill One is reportedly the world’s smallest 5-axis milling machine. It is said to combine industrial manufacturing quality with high precision and a modern design.

In the innovative 5-axis turn-milling technique, the workpiece is engineered to rotate around the tool. The feed remains constant, meaning the tool never leaves the block. This is designed to ensure short milling times and minimal tool wear. Various validated processing strategies are available for different materials and indications.

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Other features include:

  • Wireless capabilities that allow it to be operated from any location with a special app

  • An optical status display that shows the status of the machine

  • Ability to mill IPS e.max

  • Compatibility with scanners and design solutions from 3Shape

The PrograMill One is slated to be available in the U.S. in 2018.