An inside look at StarDental 430 Series Highspeed Handpieces

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-01-01, Issue 1

StarDental (DentalEZ Group) Senior Product Manager Rick Gross discusses how handpieces help dentists practice better clinical dentistry.

StarDental (DentalEZ Group) Senior Product Manager Rick Gross discusses how handpieces help dentists practice better clinical dentistry.

Q: What is the most frequent question or concern you hear from dental professionals about this category?
A: How long should a turbine last?

Q: How does your company and your product specifically, seek to answer that question or meet that need?
A: StarDental provides comprehensive resources to assist the office in maintaining the handpiece and extending the life of the high speed turbine. Our sales staff focuses on educating the office staff on proper handpiece daily maintenance, but also what should be done on an ongoing basis to ensure the handpieces works each time the dentist picks it up to use. We offer a variety of tools, education materials and products to assist in these efforts.

For example, we have a series of how-to videos on our web site teaching the practice how to clean handpieces and change turbines when necessary - all intended to reduce the office’s overall cost of handpiece use. Our handpiece maintenance kit, unique to the industry, offers the practice everything needed in one place to perform these tasks.

Q: What about this product category do you think helps the dentist practice better clinical dentistry?
A: The handpiece is the most vital tool used daily by the clinician. Enhanced performance through innovation such as lighter weight materials, LED fiber optics and better maintenance mean better clinical results, but also offers a more comfortable experience for the patient and the dentist.


StarDental 430 Series
StarDental 430 Series Highspeed Handpieces come equipped with long-lasting, precision-balanced, ceramic bearing turbines in both Lubricated and LubeFree(TM) models. Ceramic design is the hardest, yet lightest, material of any ball bearing handpiece on the market, which is critical for extending turbine longevity. StarDental LubeFree handpieces are virtually maintenance-free with no residual lubricant expelling into the oral cavity. Experience vibration-free operation, high torque and small head design to improve overall visibility and performance.

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Q: How is your company or product leading the way for innovation in this category?
A: StarDental continues to strive to find better ways to provide the clinician no-hassle tools to use, while at the same time controlling the cost of our innovations. Handpieces are meant to perform each and every time the dentist picks it up. StarDental ensures that if it has our name on it, it works each and every time.